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VITALITY – Meet A Vendor

VITALITY - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Kristen Montplaisir, Head of National Sales and Distribution, Lori Serradas, VP of Product Development and Data Analytics, and Kellien Bailey, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Vitality, for a virtual introduction of their latest product offering: Gateway Flex.


Vitality leverages sophisticated tools to optimize an employer’s investment in health and well-being. They focus on what is proven in changing people’s behavior and improve their health by deploying the right technology, science and analytics, incentives, and expertise in their human capital resources. With almost 25 years of experience helping more than 20 million members, they’ve learned what remaining healthy takes.

Clients choose Vitality for several reasons:

Vitality’s latest product offering is Gateway Flex – a benefits marketplace that gives you a new way to fund and strategize benefits to cater for your workforce’s diverse and rapidly changing needs.

What does Gateway Flex solve for?

What makes Gateway Flex so exciting?

How does it work?

What does this mean for you and your employees?

There is nothing more frustrating than not having the data as to what people are doing, what they want, and then having to react after the fact. It makes proving ROI and strategizing benefits challenging. The end result from Gateway Flex is higher engagement, greater satisfaction, and better health results than you or your clients currently experience with a traditional health benefits approach. 

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