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Basic Vendor

For public site visitors
who are window shopping
  • Learn about product categories
  • Link to top vendors in the space
  • Limited information available for each vendor

Search For Free


Vendor Management
and Procurement

For employers who want data and social proof of vendor quailty
  • See who other employers use and revere
  • Manage and assess your vendors and contracts in one place
  • Access a portion of discounts on hundreds of vendor’s programs

connect plus

Vendor Management
and Procurement

For employers who want the robust research tools that consultants use
  • Everything in Free Connect, plus:
  • Advanced search and vendor comparison tools
  • Pre-completed vendor RFI questions
  • Price comparison metrics
  • Best-in market discounts on hundreds of vendor’s programs

vendor search
vendor search

Start managing your vendors with a
Shortlister Connect account

Public Site Connect Connect+

Vendor Profiles

Video and screenshots checkmark checkmark checkmark
Ratings (overall and function-specific) Limited checkmark checkmark
Detailed reviews Top Review checkmark checkmark
Vendor marketing materials checkmark checkmark
Vendor newsfeed 3 most recent posts checkmark checkmark
Add custom notes to track vendor interactions checkmark checkmark
“Contact the reviewer” for more info checkmark
Filter ratings by size, type of review and tenure checkmark
Competitor analysis checkmark
Funding history Coming Soon

Market Research

Lookup by product checkmark checkmark checkmark
Lookup by vendor checkmark checkmark
Multiselect vendors to go direct to RFP checkmark checkmark
Custom lookup based on your requirements. checkmark
Filter results to fit your needs checkmark
Curated Top Vendor lists Names Names and Scoring

Shortlister Select (Vendor selection and RFP tool)

Unlimited selections checkmark checkmark
Matching algorithm checkmark checkmark
One-click summary reports checkmark checkmark
Bid management RFP dashboard checkmark checkmark
Document management checkmark checkmark
Vendor scoring framework and collection tool checkmark checkmark
Ongoing quality surveys checkmark checkmark
Comprehensive pre-completed RFIs checkmark checkmark

Pre-negotiated Discounts

100+ vendor discounts of 4-28% Limited Discount Full Discount

Vendor Governance

Track your vendors all in one place checkmark checkmark
Review your vendors using a uniform method to provide accountability checkmark checkmark
Track contract terms and renewals checkmark checkmark
Notifications of upcoming contract decisions checkmark checkmark
“Virtual Rolodex” of all vendors contacts checkmark checkmark
Provide your consultant access to your search checkmark

Shortlister Connect

Connect with other employers to see:
– Vendors you have in common checkmark checkmark
– Ratings and reviews checkmark checkmark
– Impartial reference checks (Not provided by vendor) checkmark checkmark
vendor search
vendor search

Smart managing your vendors with a
Shortlister Connect account