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Founded in 2010, Promerica Health resulted from an unusual marriage of marketing goals and clinical needs. When asked to apply experiential marketing strategies to the promotion of diabetes products and services at the world’s largest retailer, a mobile screening tour and new company was born.

Our expertise in the development of compelling consumer experiences continues to anchor Promerica Health’s perspective on health engagement. We believe in the transformative power of experience, and understand the role that thoughtful interactions often play in modeling, explaining and changing behaviors. These interactions become even more critical when traditional obstacles to healthy outcomes – lack of insight, fear of discovery, resistance to change – must be overcome.

We also understand the clinical realities of health engagement. To assess health, we have to test with clinical accuracy. To share insights, we have to handle data securely. To inform strategy, we have to measure results. To change behaviors, we have to offer expertise. And to protect the interests of both clients and patients, we have to do all of this with an abiding awareness of constantly-evolving regulatory and compliance standards. This is exacting, critical, life-changing work. Our people, equipment, systems, processes, policies and analysis are equally exacting.

Promerica Health is a leading provider of health screenings, having facilitated over 1,000,000 biometric screenings at varied venues across the country. We provide a wide range of screening services. Worksite screenings are provided onsite or on board one of our Mobile Health Vehicles (MHVs), removed from work activities and peer/management visibility to offer participants a relaxed experience. To support these screenings, Promerica Health offers turnkey promotion, scheduling, HRA facilitation, onsite counseling, post-engagement communications, data management, analysis and general management services according to client need. Biometric screening for key risk factors is an important piece of any comprehensive health management program. Promerica Health screening professionals provide immediate onsite results, as well as education regarding each of the tests performed. Participants walk away from their screening with valuable information, while clients enhance their understanding of population health.

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