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Quizzify provides the education employees need to be health-literate, wiser and more confident healthcare consumers. Our quiz content (reviewed by physicians at Harvard Medical School) covers everything from Angina to Zicam—chronic diseases, high-cost diagnostics, opioid awareness, unnecessary procedures, nutrition, and more. We discourage wasteful care that drives cost and may cause harm. Quiz customizations include options to educate employees on plan design, transparency tools, and other benefits. Try a quiz and see for yourself at www.quizzify.com.

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Do your employees know how much radiation is in a CAT scan? or that opioid withdrawal symptoms start in 3 days

Quizzify reduces employer healthcare costs by educating employees to be wiser consumers of healthcare.

Quizzify teaches in an entertaining, accessible “Jeopardy® meets Comedy Central” format. We engage employees with humor, gamification and intracompany competitions. Our entertaining and informative quizzes, uniquely, carry the credibility and “shield” of Harvard Medical School.

For example, employees learn; the dangers of prescription opioids, specific methods to avoid the added sugars in food, how an EAP program works and the harmful effects of unnecessary medical tests and procedures. Try a few questions on our homepage www.quizzify.com no sign up required.

Many health plans offer an unlimited budget with no training on how to spend it. Quizzify will help employees learn how to make better healthy lifestyle choices, understand their benefits and choose more wisely in the medical marketplace. Quizzify offers straightforward, evidence-based healthy living and healthcare purchasing advice, served with a little humor.

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