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Vida Health - vendor materials
Vida App 1 - Example images of Vida app
Vida Health - vendor materials
Vida Health - vendor materials
Vida Health - vendor materials
Vida Health - vendor materials
Vida Health - vendor materials
Vida Health- vendor materialsVida Health- vendor materialsVida Health- vendor materialsVida Health- vendor materialsVida Health- vendor materials

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Vida is a virtual care solution focused on the problem of cardiometabolic disease, specializing in care that integrates mind and body together — addressing a full range of chronic and behavioral health conditions. We support a diverse group of employers and commercial health plans through a spectrum of innovative approaches, enabled by data analytics, a unique approach to member experience and engagement, a multidisciplinary team of clinicians that recognizes the intersection of physical and emotional health, and a strong focus on underserved ...

Lives Serviced
110M Series D
Minimum Group Size
No Minimum
3rd Party Integrations
Android Native Application
Full CDC Recognition for DPP
iOS Native Application
Top Offerings
Behavioral Health Access & Treatment
Chronic Condition / DM
Average Cost
- - -
Key Clients
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Vida Health Info & Marketing Materials

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Product Summary - Hypertension - One pager: Hypertension

Product Summary - Diabetes and depression - Vida’s Body and Mind Platform: integrated care for physical + mental health

Case Study - PLOS Weight Loss - Integrating virtual mental and physical care shows clinically significant weight

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- Cardiometabolic - One pager: cardiometabolic support

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