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Vida Health is a virtual care company that combines a human-centric approach with technology to address chronic physical and behavioral health conditions. We provide personalized chronic condition digital therapeutic programs combined with real human health coaching and therapy delivered through a mobile and online platform that supports individuals in managing and reversing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, asthma, smoking cessation, and more. Our platform integrates deeply individual expert care with machine learning and remote monitoring to deliver lasting behavior change, health outcomes and cost savings.

Vida is trusted by Fortune 100 companies, major national payers, and large providers to activate, engage, and empower their employees to live their healthiest lives. Some client examples include Boeing, Cisco, PayPal, Visa, Steelcase, eBay, FICO, Visa, AvalonBay, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and Partners Healthcare.

Vida delivers a rich set of digital behavior interventions designed to provide motivational support, increase member self-efficacy and drive daily engagement.

Provide motivational support:
- Personalized plan grounded in wellness vision
- Machine learning (ML) based insights
- Daily, weekly, long-term progress tracking
- Automated motivational reminders
- Habit streaks

Increase member self-efficacy:
- Personalized behavior habits. Habits are the atomic unit of behavior change and has incorporated habits as core part of the digital experience. Habits offer an evidence-based model for creating new, sustainable behavioral “loops”. Through the structuring of behavioral goals into habits, the system is able to provide personalized recommendations and analysis. The context and intent that habits provide enable Vida’s machine learning systems to use members’ unique data signals to deliver personalized action recommendations.
- Personalized content pathways. Each of Vida's behaviors has specific tailoring dimensions. For example, our Nutrition behavior is tailored according to the member's health conditions, eating pattern, cuisine preference and allergens. Our Physical Activity behavior is tailored according to a members starting fitness level, consistency of established habits, skills, any conditions, key barriers.
- Multimedia educational content
- Behavioral skill training and simulations
- Guided practices and therapeutic workouts (interactive, audio, video)
- Barrier specific guidance

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