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About SleepCharge

Established in 2009, the SleepCharge Program has helped thousands on their path towards better sleep. Driven by a mission to improve the sleep health of American workers and their families, SleepCharge provides a more convenient, comfortable and effective alternative to the traditional doctor’s office and sleep laboratory experience.

Combining speciality sleep medical care, cognitive behavioral-based coaching, and technology-enabled sleep solutions, SleepCharge has created the first virtual Center of Excellence for Sleep. While the delivery of SleepCharge is customized to the unique needs of each workforce, our mission stays the same: Healthy Sleep for All.

Value Proposition

SleepCharge provides technology-enabled tools for sleep health assessments, medical and professional guidance, multi-level sleep testing, protocol-driven sleep disorder treatments, and sleep disruptor therapies combined with sleep health coaching for continuous engagement, adherence, and outcomes reporting.

The only medically-validated sleep assessment that evaluates for a range of sleep disorders, SleepCharge works alongside users to determine their personal sleep health factors. Sleep education is available to all, while those at risk for sleep disorders are escalated to further medical evaluations. Once our medical team establishes a diagnosis, our care teams get him/her into any necessary treatment, with sleep coaching and proactive support for success.

SleepCharge is staffed by specially-trained behaviorist, certified sleep health clinicians, and sleep medicine physicians that work with employees to provide the care they need to improve sleep health. Treating sleep disorders and improving one’s sleep has been shown to better manage and prevent chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and heart disease. For employers, SleepCharge delivers a measurable impact on medical and pharmaceutical costs while improving employee well-being, workplace safety, and productivity.

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