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Big Health - vendor materials
Sleepio Onboarding - The onboarding process begins by assessing the user's current sleep patterns.
Big Health - vendor materials
Big Health - vendor materials

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At Big Health, our mission is to help millions back to good mental health by providing fully digital, non-drug options for the most common mental health conditions. Our digital therapeutics — Daylight for anxiety, and Sleepio for insomnia and SparkDirect for adolescent depression — are available anytime and anywhere to help people overcome their mental health issues. We're charting the future of digital medicine by providing an inclusive, scalable, and affordable approach based on industry-leading peer-reviewed research and randomized contr ...

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Company Description - Big Health Sales Sheet - How Big Health is helping millions back to better mental health.

Product Summary - Daylight Data Sheet - Learn how Daylight delivers treatment for anxiety.

Product Summary - Sleepio Data Sheet - Learn how Sleepio delivers treatment for insomnia.

Case Study - Workplace Safety CS - Driving clinical outcomes for insomnia and clinical anxiety.

Case Study - NHS Case Study - Integrating digital treatments into NHS clinical services

Other - Employers' Info Sheet - Learn how Big Health can help your employees overcome insomnia and anxiety.

Other - Infographic - Learn how untreated mental health conditions lead to costly comorbidities.

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