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Lyra Health

Lyra Health

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  • Founded   2015
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  • Customers Served  2.4M
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About Lyra Health

Lyra helps companies improve access to effective, high-quality mental health care for their employees. Lyra's matching technology and innovative digital platform connect members to a curated network of top therapists and coaches, who are guaranteed to be available, resulting in 7x more people receiving care and 80% improving or recovering. Lyra works with large employers, such as Starbucks, McDonalds, and Fidelity, along with Fortune 500 companies to deliver premium mental care benefits to more than 2.5M members nationwide.

Value Proposition

Over 20% of a company's employees struggle each year from a diagnosable mental health condition and 85% of those employees will not receive effective treatment. The result is worse productivity, higher medical costs, and more turnover. Using technology and data, Lyra connects companies and their employees to mental health providers, therapy, and coaching programs that get people better and enable them to lead healthier, more productive lives. We help companies: - Improve access to effective care: 7x more members receive the care they need - Get people better, faster with higher quality care: 80% improve in 8-12 weeks - Improve productivity and reduce ineffective medical costs: 2X ROI in the first year The Lyra Digital Care Platform offers comprehensive and personalized care: - Self-care, therapy, coaching, medication management - In-person, video, and on-site care for all needs, from stress to suicidality - Online scheduling with same-day, evening, and weekend appointments Lyra offers a superior nationwide network of typically out-of-network providers: - Coaches, therapists, and physicians for medication - Rigorous data-driven screening curating only top evidence-based providers - Performance monitoring with clinical outcomes tracking (PHQ9, GAD7, PSS)

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Lyra Health Offerings

    • Substance Abuse Services
    • Recovery Services
    • Return to Work Program
    • Behavioral Health Providers
    • Behavioral Health Services
    • Corporate Wellness Training Companies
    • Digital Health Content Companies
    • Corporate Wellness Training Seminars
    • Workplace Wellness Webinars
    • Mindfulness at Work
    • Stress Management in the Workplace
    • Corporate Resilience Program
    • EAP Providers

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