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Total Brain

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About Total Brain

Total Brain is a mental health and fitness platform powered by the world’s largest standardized neuroscientific database. Founded on the notion that our mental health can be measured, improved and managed like our physical health, Total Brain measures the 12 brain capacities that define mental health, screens for the risk of common mental health conditions, creates self-awareness and accountability, and engages individuals in mental fitness programs that maximize their mental health.

Both individuals and companies benefit from the Total Brain platform. With just 15 minutes of mental fitness training a day, individuals can improve their self-awareness and brain performance both in and out of work. By confidentially monitoring and improving the mental health and fitness of their organization, companies can improve employee productivity and decrease healthcare costs across the organization.

Value Proposition

• The 20-minute, confidential, clinically validated assessment measures each of the brain’s twelve capacities, covering the areas of emotion, feeling, cognition and self-control.
– Compare your brain capacities to others of the same age and gender
– Reassess regularly to track training impact and monitor your brain capacities
• Screen for risk of common mental conditions confidentially and stigma free in a brain performance context
– Screened conditions include: depression, anxiety, addiction, ADHD, PTSD, social anxiety and sleep apnea
– This is not a diagnostic tool, but a screening mechanism with 70-80% accuracy which can make confidential, in-app referrals to health professionals. This early flagging and immediate referral helps to reduce the cost of future medical claims by proactively addressing potential problems

• Brain training, personalized based on your assessment results, featuring exercises and content to help you consolidate strengths and master weaknesses

• Total Brain is powered by the world’s largest standardized neuroscientific database
– Over 660,000 users
– 1M data sets including 54 EEFs, 54 EEGs, 542 MRIs, 2KGWAS
– Database generated over 300 brain research publications
– 40+ brain trainings have been executed 16M times with published impact of trainings on specific performance drivers

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Total Brain Offerings

  • Behavioral Health Providers
  • Mindfulness at Work
    • Stress Management in the Workplace
    • Corporate Resilience Program
  • Health Risk Assessment

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