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About ActiveSoul

ActiveSoul is a technology platform providing a fitness benefit that appeals to every employee in any location, and their preferred type of exercise. It’s more than classes and beyond memberships; we’re thinking outside the box to create a healthier and happier workforce. Why is it important to not only offer a fitness benefit but also ensure employees are participating? Aside from the clear positive impact healthy employees have on healthcare and absenteeism costs, research shows employees that workout at least 8 times a month are 10% more productive, and those engaged in a benefit such as gym reimbursement are 59% less likely to look elsewhere. Tracking workouts also means the employer only pays employees that actually work out at a level to impact their health. Employees can work out anywhere in the US and HR departments get verifiable workout data and the ability to automatically incentivize employees without any administration. Employees track their workouts using our intuitive app and we seamlessly push all data to an online dashboard that individuals overseeing the benefit can access anytime. We also facilitate all communication with employees and provide technical support. You get healthier and happier employees without the additional administrative burden!

Value Proposition

ActiveSoul is fitness that fits. Our core competency is tracking every type of verifiable workout data out there. This allows an aging employee that walks, the yogi, the cyclist, and the person that lifts weights at the gym to all receive credit for their form of exercise. In addition to allowing employees to connect over 350 wearables, check-in at any gym in the country, or just simply use the GPS tracker to record a walk, we are interfaced with over 30,000 gyms and studios across the country where employees can search and register for classes or memberships. We also enable employers to incentivize their employees for getting active, rather than giving them money or credits upfront and simply hoping they use them. This structure improves participation and ensures their dollars are spent in the most impactful way. Lastly yet perhaps most importantly, we take the administrative burden off of HR and automate the entire process from tracking to incentives. This frees up valuable time for other responsibilities and initiatives, while providing an even better experience for employees with the attention to targeted communication and support.

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ActiveSoul Offerings

  • Wellness Companies
  • Corporate Fitness
    • Gym Network
    • Corporate Fitness Challenges
    • Corporate Challenge Program
    • Corporate Walking Challenge
  • Health Coaches
    • Telephonic Health Coach
    • Incentive Fulfillment Companies

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