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Green Circle Life provides an innovative, all-in-one communication and engagement application that aggregates all employee-facing HR, wellness, and healthcare services into a single sign-on, interactive dashboard that’s accessible on-demand from any PC or mobile device.

Green Circle Life seamlessly integrates with both internal and externally managed systems enabling users to perform a range of tasks from the same App, including benefits enrollment, personnel record management, payroll, time and attendance, wellness programs, scheduling appointments, and managing chronic conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure.
More than just a passive information repository, it's fundamentally an interactive behavioral change tool. Green Circle Life is specifically designed to stimulate and reinforce habitual, proactive engagement with the information clients want their people to see, when they want them to see it, in a manner that's integrated into their daily routines. And because responsible decisions in areas like wellness, chronic conditions management, and benefits selection are fundamentally family-driven, Green Circle Life prioritizes whole-family participation.
Green Circle Life offers SmartFHR, the industry-leading HR App where employers, employees and family members can access company benefits and services in one place. SmartFHR improves the return on your existing investment in benefits and helps lower healthcare costs while improving productivity.

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