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Healthcare Bluebook

Healthcare Bluebook

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  • Founded   2007
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About Healthcare Bluebook

Healthcare Bluebook was founded in 2007 by Jeffrey Rice, M.D. with a simple purpose: to expose the truth about in-network price and quality variation and empower consumers to make more informed decisions about their healthcare. Since then, Bluebook has become the market leader and one of the largest independent providers of intuitive, effective price and quality transparency and member reward solutions to third-party administrators, employee benefit trusts, state and municipal governments and large self-insured employers. Our public sector clients include the state employee health plans for Florida, Nevada and Montana, as well as more than 90 other municipalities, school districts and public trusts. Our commercial clients reside in all 50 states and range in size from as few as ten employees to complex, geographically dispersed Fortune 100 companies with multiple operating divisions and carriers.

Value Proposition

With employers expected to spend 0 billion in 2019 on employee health benefits, companies urgently seek ways to cut costs. Healthcare Bluebook’s digital transparency solution exposes the enormous quality and cost variances between medical providers, enabling brokers, consultants and TPAs to help employers save as much as 50% on shoppable services by using high-quality, lower-cost in-network providers. Unlike free insurance carrier tools, which only compare in-network pricing and do not include quality data, Bluebook’s cost and quality information is calculated from raw discharge claims in the CMS Standard Analytics file (not self-reported). Quality metrics are risk- and volume- adjusted using the same methodology and source data to map physicians to hospitals where they perform, allowing apples-to-apples assessments on patient outcomes for both the facility and doctor. Using a simple color-coded guide, employees can easily find high-quality affordable providers in their geographic area. Employers who implement Bluebook’s Engagement Best Practices can achieve an ROI as high as 6:1. Our robust Engagement Toolkit provides access to a vast selection of pre-designed materials that educate, remind and reinforce use of the tool. Bluebook easily integrates with existing carrier tools and has served 5,000+ companies nationwide with 100% on-time implementations and 92% client retention.

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Healthcare Bluebook Offerings

  • Health Literacy Programs
  • Incentive Fulfillment Companies
  • Care Management Companies
    • Treatment Decision Support
  • Healthcare Price Transparency Companies

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