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  • Founded 1988
  • Group Sizes 250 to 10000
  • Customers Served 25K

About HealthEase

Based in Wayne, Pennsylvania, HealthEase has been designing and managing fitness centers since 1988. We work with architects, builders, interior designers, and facility managers to plan and construct fitness facilities ranging from 2,000 to 30,000 square feet. Our design expertise maximizes safety, functionality, and aesthetics — while keeping costs down. Our vast management experience is founded on our ability to anticipate the needs of our clients and take the initiative whenever and wherever we can.

We are committed to achieving three key objectives for each fitness center: (1) Maintain a high member capture rate; (2) maximize the impact and value of the facility; (3) provide a variety of customized services that address the health/fitness needs and interests of the targeted population.

As a long-established and respected fitness leader, primarily in Philadelphia and the surrounding region, HealthEase employs fitness professionals, group exercise instructors, health coaches, and registered dietitians who are dedicated to their role on our team. Our site managers oversee a full array of services, ranging from membership enrollment and billing to marketing plans and promotion to group exercise classes to special events to educational seminars & workshops to equipment preventive maintenance and cleaning to monthly reports and more.

Value Proposition

More than anybody else in the industry, HealthEase puts real people before raw numbers. We believe ‘high touch’ surpasses ‘high tech’ in its ability to transform lives. Our experience tells us a successful fitness center optimizes the space through practical applications and personalized service that bring people together for the common goal of achieving greater wellness.

With more than 30 years’ experience designing countless fitness centers, we offer valuable insights and ideas that enhance the aesthetics, maximize functionality, and promote engagement while eliminating unnecessary costs.

Furthermore, our operational efficiencies enable us to take a hands-on, proactive approach to fitness center management. Because we treat each account as a true partnership, our clients and their groups benefit greatly from an enthusiastic, talented, and highly trained staff of health & fitness professionals as well as the direct involvement of our HealthEase senior management. We get out from behind the desk, away from the computer screen, and on the exercise floor to welcome participants and help them pursue a healthier lifestyle. Face-to-face is always the most effective means to influencing change.

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