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Airrosti – Meet A Vendor

AIRROSTI - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Dr. Chris Cato, Vice President of Clinical Strategy, and Jeffrey Morris, Vice President of Product Strategy, to share how Airrosti duplicated their effective musculoskeletal (MSK) care digitally with Airrosti Remote Recovery.


Airrosti is a nationwide provider-led MSK solution, offering effective in-person and virtual care. Powered with over 17 years of clinical experience and more than 1 million patient cases, Airrosti delivers significant savings to members and plan sponsors through a 43% reduction in total episode cost. Airrosti providers are singularly focused on getting results for members, while providing the highest level of quality care.


Airrosti is now delivering their effective MSK care virtually with Airrosti Remote Recovery.

The Airrosti Remote Recovery app connects members to a licensed provider who will evaluate and diagnose their condition, prescribe an individualized recovery plan, and give members the tools they need to live pain free life.

What do you get?


Clients love Airrosti’s new MSK triage and navigation product. Coined as VIP Chat, this complimentary product allows members to have a relaxed “chat” with a licensed provider to discuss their muscle/ joint pain and the best course of care for their specific recovery goals.  The benefits of VIP Chat:


Airrosti is a comprehensive MSK solution that has a proven track record of resolving MSK injuries/conditions for members while reducing MSK episodic costs for employers.

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