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Licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy - Members speak with clinical experts 100% of the time.

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Sword offers the most clinical-grade, virtual Physical Therapy program to your people who suffer with MSK or pelvic health pain. We pair every member with a dedicated Doctor of Physical Therapy and our industry-leading FDA-listed technology, what we call our "Digital Therapist" for MSK members (which consists of our tablet and inertial motions sensors) or the Bloom Pod for pelvic members (which consists of an internal sensor). We have also developed a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program to aid our members in behavioral change, and provide memb...

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Company Description - Introducing Sword+ - An End-to-End Solution to Cut Your Massive MSK Spend

Company Description - Sword Overview - What is it that makes Sword the clinical leader in Digital MSK?

Company Description - Commitment to DE&I - A Look at Sword’s Commitment to Improving DE&I and Overcoming Health Disparities

Company Description - Clinical Leadership - How Sword Leads Clinical Validation in the Digital MSK Space

Company Description - Solving Disjointed Care - Solving the Problem of Disjointed MSK Care with Sword

Company Description - Prioritizing MSK - 5 Reasons Why MSK Care Is the No. 1 Priority for Every Company

Company Description - Choose an MSK Solution - A Guide for Employers to Choosing the Best Digital MSK Solution for Your Workfor

Product Summary - Care Philosophy - High-Touch Treatment from Licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy

Case Study - Validation Institute - 1 - Level 1 Certification in savings efficacy from the Validation Institute.

Case Study - Validation Institute - 2 - Level 2 Certification in proven outcomes from the Validation Institute.

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