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SimpleTherapy was founded in 2011 by Orthopaedic Surgeons doing their residency at the University of Pennsylvania. After discovering that patients are commonly treated surgically prior to exhausting effective and non-invasive treatment modalities such as physical therapy, SimpleTherapy was formed with the mission is to make early intervention highly accessible, very simple to perform, deeply personalized, and following best practices that are proven to relieve pain quickly.

There is significant peer-reviewed research that demonstrates that most MSK-related conditions can be managed or eliminated through the use of early, conservative measures such as exercise therapy. However, 77% of all physical therapy prescriptions go unfilled and only 30% of those who even begin therapy complete their course of care. The result of low adherence to exercise therapy is worsening symptoms, utilization of higher levels of care, avoidable surgeries, and a significantly higher cost of care per patient. Reportedly, the high cost of co-pays and deductibles, having to take time off of work 2-3 times per week, and other inconvenience factors contribute to its low adherence rate.

SimpleTherapy is a solution without any barriers that is performed at home. It guides users to recovery using technology that augments a user's care pathway in real-time.

SimpleTherapy provides personalized musculoskeletal pain recovery programs by combining evidence-based exercise therapy and smart technology. This reduces the need for more expensive health care options that can lead to opioid abuse and surgeries. We are the first line of defense for organizations, allowing their members to complete exercise therapy from their own home at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Our program has also been validated to reduce the risk of occupational injuries and encourages people to reduce their pain sooner in the care continuum, resulting in better clinical outcomes and a more productive and happy workforce.

SimpleTherapy is a highly engaging mobile platform that combines exercise therapy, smart technology, and a high touch care team to keep members adherent to evidence-based care for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. The program provides each user with a customized plan of care tailored to their specific pain and user feedback augments the care plan in real-time similar to how a physical therapist would modify care in-person. There are no complicated sensors or camera equipment required to progress to recovery and users begin experiencing relief in as little as two sessions.

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