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Kaia Health

Kaia Health

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  • Founded   10/2015
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About Kaia Health

Kaia Health is on a mission to change how digital therapies are designed, deployed and experienced. Kaia brings affordable and accessible relief to millions of chronic disease patients using industry-leading technology, including a multimodal therapy solution for those suffering from musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions like back pain. The solution is customized at an individual level, constantly adjusting based on user feedback, progress and data on other users. Multimodal therapy is based on the use of multiple types of treatments to relieve pain. These different therapies work together to target the multiple causes of pain and provide lasting relief. With Kaia, your population gets physical exercises, relaxation practices and learning modules, which work together to reduce pain. We are a medical company and have independent published RCTs to prove the clinical efficacy of our solution. Our most recent peer-reviewed study that assesses the clinical evidence of Kaia was an independent randomized controlled trial. The paper (published by Nature in May 2019) results indicate that Kaia, as a multidisciplinary back pain solution, is a very effective treatment for low back pain patients and is superior to physical therapy in combination with online education.

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