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BrightPlan – Meet A Vendor

BrightPlan provides a comprehensive and inclusive global solution that addresses all aspects of employees’ financial health and empowers HR teams to enhance the employee experience.
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Shortlister hosted Haleigh Albers, Director of Solution Consulting, and James Edwards, VP of Strategic Alliances at BrightPlan, for an enlightening look at their award-winning approach to Total Financial Wellness, which drives financial success for employers and their employees alike.


BrightPlan is a leader in Total Financial Wellness and the first digital advisor  certified for fiduciary excellence by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). BrightPlan offers a comprehensive personal finance solution for all employees that is real-time, personalized, and integrated with employer benefits. 

The company delivers a holistic and inclusive global solution that addresses all aspects of employees’ financial health and empowers HR teams to enhance the employee experience, and attract, retain and engage talent. Its unique combination of a digital platform and financial planners enables employers to deploy at scale while delivering personalization for employees.


Total Financial Wellness is BrightPlan’s trusted solution built to lead all employees to financial success on their own terms at every stage of life. Their solution is flexible enough to meet each employee where they are, robust enough to support all of life’s curveballs, and dynamic enough to be available 24/7 because financial stress and concern are not a 9-5 thing.

The BrightPlan solution includes an AI-powered digital platform combined with experienced financial planners. Thousands of employees use its unique combination of digital and human expertise. It supports each aspect of personal finance and wealth management, such as financial planning, education, budgeting, savings, investing, debt management, retirement, estate planning, and more. 

BrightPlan guides employees in identifying their unique financial goals and creating a plan to achieve them. Personalized recommendations, supported by digital and human advice, set employees up to become and stay financially well. With tailored financial education, employees better understand and maximize corporate benefits, increasing employee engagement and retention.

Pairing BrightPlan’s Total Financial Wellness solution with existing benefit structures and programs allows organizations to optimize benefits utilization, reduce costs, and gain clarity into the needs of their employee base.


  • Data-driven planning and advice for all.
  • Real-time guidance driving immediate action with patented technology.
  • Enterprise scalability and data security.
  • Trusted fiduciary advice, certified for excellence (94 NPS and 9.7/10 satisfaction score*).
  • Available to all employees and their families.
  • Aligned with employer priorities in partnership with the HR organization.

BrightPlan is on a mission to make financial success attainable for everyone. Get in touch with them if you want to enhance the employee experience and lead all your employees to financial success.

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*Disclosure: Net Promoter Score (NPS) and satisfaction rating are based on BrightPlan post-advisor call client surveys as of December 2022.