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Free Webinar Software Platforms in 2024

Find a suitable platform to connect and engage with your global audience at no cost.
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A webinar is a virtual seminar or convention that connects a global, diverse audience online using webinar software. As a result of our times, webinar platforms are a rapidly growing segment. They allow real-time collaboration and have many interactive tools to engage with the audience in a meaningful way. Finding excellent free webinar software is one of the required tools for many businesses.

As organizations around the globe switch to remote working, traditional face-to-face meetings are increasingly more inconvenient, costly, and limited in their reach.

Webinars provide a simplified solution for online meetings, improve marketing and business strategy through sales pitches, help generate new leads, and conduct user education and training seminars.

Essentially, they provide a platform where clients can communicate effectively with customers.

What are the Benefits of Webinar Software?

Webinars allow businesses to connect with employees, customers, suppliers, etc., while benefiting from cost and time savings to increase brand value and enhance online presence.

Utilizing webinars is rewarding for any business, regardless of its industry of operation. The following are benefits of using a webinar:

  • Improve the company’s online content available to interested parties online
  • Accessible to a broader audience
  • More engaging and accessible from any tool (computer, tablet, or smartphone)
  • Improve branding status (brand becomes increasingly memorable to your target audience)
  • Builds brand loyalty by connecting with the brand/business at a more personal level
  • Build business connections and relationships
  • Get closer to your audience and share information with them
  • Affordability and costefficiency

Why Should Organizations Use Webinar Software?

Hosts can achieve efficient two-way communication with a variety of viewers with the features the webinar software offers:  

  • Slideshow presentation  
  • Live streaming or video conferencing 
  • Screen sharing, desktop sharing, application or file sharing  
  • Live Q&A sessions 
  • Meeting recording  
  • Polls & surveys 
  • Text chat 
  • Whiteboard  
  • Feedback & analysis  

There are many free webinar software solutions available on the market today.  

Although most free solutions offer only basic features, often with limited participants, it is still a valuable tool.   

However, hosting live webinars can be a challenge.  

Hundreds of participants, poor server connection, and technical issues are often common if the hosts are not familiar with the platform. A free webinar software allows organizations to test the software without affecting their budget and gain technical skills before making the investment.  

In this article, we have outlined free webinar solutions or offer a free trial.

The Best Free Webinar Software

  • Zoho Meeting – For small and medium-sized businesses 
  • Zoom Video Webinar – For ease of use 
  • Livestorm – For marketing teams 
  • ClickMeeting – For onboarding, training, or education purposes 
  • GoBrunch – For product demos and sales 
  • TeamViewer Meeting – For remote team collaborations 
  • Dialpad Meetings – For small remote teams and startups 
  • Google Meet – As a Zoom alternative 
  • RingCentral Video – For large enterprises 
  • – For large-scale virtual events 

1) Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting offers a one-stop solution for online meetings and webinar conferences. Users can host a webinar with ten attendees or an online meeting with two attendees with their free plan.  

Some of the features available include:  

  • Screen/application sharing  
  • Webcam sharing 
  • Video conferencing feeds for up to 3 users 
  • Instant chat 
  • Scheduling and registration of webinars  
  • Moderator controls 
  • Attendee engagement and in-session features 
  • Post webinar analytics 

Zoho Meeting has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and provides total security, speed, and connectivity, giving an overall quality service and excellent user experience.

Best Feature

Create instant polls and raise hand engagement tool

Device Compatibility

Web-based online software, iOS & Android app, Firefox and Google Chrome extensions

Number of Attendees

Ten registrants for webinars and two attendees for meetings

2) Zoom Video Webinar

A platform that needs no introduction and has gained popularity in recent years by providing an excellent, free, feature-rich webinar solution for entrepreneurs with a tight budget.  

Their free forever plan can host meetings with up to 100 interactive video participants and host unlimited group meetings for up to 40 minutes. Users can hold unlimited smaller one-on-one sessions with no time limit.  


  • One-click HD video sharing  
  • Private and group chat  
  • On-demand webinars 
  • Virtual background 
  • Pin and spotlight multiple people 
  • Touch up appearance filters and studio effects  
  • Light and noise controls  
  • Automatic transcripts of meetings 
  • Stream on YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and other custom streaming services 
  • Wide accessibility through a browser extension, Outlook plug-in, iPhone/iPad app & Android app 

Zoom’s popularity comes from its easy-to-use intuitive design and reputation as a reliable software solution. Users can securely scale up to 50,000 people in a single live video webinar. Attendees can quickly join any webinar from their desktop, laptop, mobile device, or Zoom Room.

Best Feature

 Immersive virtual backgrounds 

Device Compatibility

 Web-client, zoom desktop client on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and it's supported on iOS & Android devices 

Number of Attendees

 100 participants

3) Livestorm

The free webinar plan on Livestorm includes unlimited free webinar events, features, and moderators, but a few restrictions apply. Livestorm free webinars are limited to the following:  

  • Ten registrants and ten live attendees 
  • 20 minutes in total length 
  • Email invites are disabled on the free plan 

Nonetheless, building engaging online events is made easy with all the Livestorm features that are enabled in the free plan, including: 

  • All the live features, including chat, questions, and polls 
  • Registration pages 
  • Email reminders and follow-ups 
  • Integrations 
  • Analytics and insights 

With their tool, you can run live, on-demand, or automated webinars. Setting up is easy as no credit card is required for signing up, and since it is a web-based platform, there is no need to install any software.

Best Feature

Create a custom landing and registration page for events

Device Compatibility

 Web-based online software, accessible from iOS 12.1 and Android

Number of Attendees

 Ten registrants and ten live attendees

4) ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting offers a 30-day free trial for testing purposes, where users can host an unlimited number of online meetings and webinars. The trial version limits up to 25 attendees for meetings and eight participants for webinars. ClickMeeting also offers 30 minutes of recording storage and 500 MB of file storage.  

Besides presenting in one virtual conference room, hosts can auto-stream their webinars live on YouTube and Facebook.  


  • HD quality streams 
  • Relevant engagement tools for target audiences 
  • Custom branding and registration page 
  • Automated webinar timeline 
  • On-demand webinars 
  • Webinar statistics 
  • Third-party app integrations with Zapier, HubSpot, Slack, etc. 

ClickMeeting provides scalable solutions for various online events, ranging from smaller online meetings to huge virtual events with up to 10,000 participants.

Best Feature

 Auto-stream on Facebook or YouTube

Device Compatibility

 Web-based online software

Number of Attendees

 Up to 25 attendees

5) GoBrunch

GoBrunch offers a free version of their webinar software for an unlimited number of webinars for an unlimited time. There is no time limit in the free version, from short conferences to longer courses.  

It also allows up to 120 participants per live session. The presenter and audience can engage with each otherusing features like raising hands, voting, and signs.  


  • Session recording (up to three in the free version) 
  • Landing page, registration, and reminders 
  • Virtual room layouts 
  • Screensharing with sound 
  • Two simultaneous presenter cams 
  • Full moderation controls 
  • Slides presentation 

Presenters or participants do not need to install any application to run webinars, making this an ideal platform for training sessions or virtual events.

Best Feature

 Up to 120 simultaneous circle-cams

Device Compatibility

 Web-based online software compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, desktop, and mobile

Number of Attendees

 Up to 120 attendees

6) TeamViewer Meeting

TeamViewer Meeting has subscriptions and pricing plans for companies of all sizes, including their free option for up to five participants. With TeamViewer Meeting, users can host secure, robust web meetings and stay connected to their contacts, teams, and clients.

Team collaboration is effortless with all the essential meeting tools that can be utilized, such as face-to-face videoconferencing, remote control, and session recording.


4K screen sharing
One-click instant meetings
End-to-end encryption
Mobile apps
Team chat
Multi-monitor support

Small and large businesses love TeamViewer Meeting because of its ease of use and securely encrypted meeting environment. TeamViewer Meeting installs and works on almost every desktop and mobile platform, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Best Feature

 End-to-end encryption

Device Compatibility

 Web client, desktop client on Windows, macOS, and iOS & Android devices

Number of Attendees

 Up to five attendees 

7) Dialpad Meetings

Dialpad Meetings, also formerly known as UberConference, is a cloud-based webinar platform offering a free plan with unlimited meetings.  

The meetings have a time limit of 45 minutes per session with an attendance of ten participants. Its seamless integration allows users to schedule meetings directly from their Microsoft or Google calendars, log any activity in Salesforce, etc.  


  • Unlimited call recordings 
  • Multiple video layouts 
  • Screen sharing  
  • HD Audio 

One unique feature is that this software has built-in AI features available with their paid business plan, such as real-time transcription that instantly captures what was said and by who on every call. 

Best Feature

Integrations with Salesforce, Evernote, Slack, etc.

Device Compatibility

Web client, Chrome extension, desktop client on Windows, macOS, iOS & Android devices

Number of Attendees

 Up to ten attendees 

Google Meet, or formerly Hangouts Meet, is a platform that needs no introduction. Developed by Google, their free plan allows users to host an unlimited number of secure video meetings with 100 attendees for up to one hour.  

One-on-one meetings have a time limit of 24 hours. Small businesses can find great value in using this software. It offers a meeting experience with all the standard features at no cost.  


  • Adjustable layouts 
  • Live closed captions 
  • Join from a browser 
  • Screen sharing 

Overall, Google Meet is a robust and hassle-free solution for any business looking for a stable and secure connection. Users can join from a browser, so there is no need to download anything, making it incredibly easy to use.  

Google Meet is supported in all the most popular web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari.

Best Feature

 Live closed captions

Device Compatibility

 Web-based, supported iOS & Android devices

Number of Attendees

 Up to 100 attendees

RingCentral Video is a feature-rich webinar software that offers an all-in-one business communication solution. The RingCentral Video pro plan is entirely free. It provides users with an unlimited number of meetings for up to 100 participants with a 24-hour meeting duration – above the industry standard.  

Included in their free plan is also a 10-hour-long cloud recording of any webinar for up to a week.  


  • Closed captioning 
  • Virtual background 
  • Join from a browser 
  • Integrations including Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365 
  • Launch up to two meetings at a time 

Altogether, this is a great offer considering the value provided to users. This plan is always free, and there is no credit card required. Users can join quickly from their browsers. 

Best Feature

 Cloud recording

Device Compatibility

 Web-based, supported iOS & Android devices

Number of Attendees

 Up to 100 attendees

As their name suggests, FreeConferenceCall is entirely free of charge. This conferencing solution has an innovative approach to pricing by asking users to contribute what they feel is fair.  

It is ideal for users who want to try this software, small businesses, and startups hosting high-quality audio and video conferences for up to 1,000 participants.   


  • Screen sharing 
  • 1GB of free storage  
  • Record and playback 
  • Drawing tools 
  • Remote desktop  

Users can seamlessly integrate their accounts with apps like Slack, Evernote, and Dropbox to improve collaboration and productivity.

Best Feature

 1,000 participants 

Device Compatibility

 Web-based and supported iOS & Android devices

Number of Attendees

 Up to 1,000 attendees

Bottom Line

In conclusion, there are numerous free webinar software tailored for different purposes. Organizations can find a suitable platform to connect and engage with their global audience at no cost.


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