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LEAGUE – Meet A Vendor

LEAGUE – Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Christine Howard, Director of Partnership Development at League, to share more about League’s award-winning Health OS platform. League’s health OS platform connects health engagement, care navigation, enrollment, and benefits administration for a personalized, data-driven experience for employees.


League is an advanced health operating system that drives a better benefits experience, better care navigation, and better health outcomes through their unique, open architecture, technology-first approach. League simplifies access to employee benefits by consolidating all available resources onto a single platform and personalizing the experience to make it hyper-relevant to each employee.

  • Better benefits experience – Help employees understand, choose, and engage with the right benefits for them, at the right time, while streamlining communications and administration for HR teams.
  • Better care engagement – Navigates employees to proactively engage with the right providers, programs, and resources designed to help manage their health and overall wellbeing.
  • Better health outcomes – Drive targeted outreach and increased engagement to help address individual risks and manage chronic conditions.


As a health operating system, League helps employees by:

  • Connecting – making the employee journey personal and trying to understand each employee individually, so League can recommend the right services at the right time.
  • Personalizing – using the data that League integrates into the platform from third party sources as well as the member health profile and interactions with League to identify employees who are diabetic, hypertensive, or have other chronic health conditions.
  • Engaging – providing a single, mobile access point for all employees’ health and benefits programs and perks. League’s platform makes it easy to maximize engagement in the health & benefits programs you already have in place.
  • Supporting – To ensure that employees are actioning on the recommendations, the Care Team follows up on missed activities and offer immediate support and resources at critical times.
  • Making things easy – providing a highly configurable, open-architecture health OS platform for employers that drives better benefits engagement, better care navigation, and better health outcomes.


League simplifies healthcare and benefits by providing:

  • Easy to understand content and materials
  • Use of relatable personas and personalized recommendations
  • Multi-channel approach


League understands the well-being of all employees, so some of their reports include:

  • Behavioral insights sample report
  • Health engagement report
  • Population health report

Additionally, they offer the following selection of out-of-the-box reports:

  • Enrollment and demographic reports
  • Payroll deductions
  • League spending account category usage and balances

League started with a vision for the future of healthcare to be consumer-centric, personalized, proactive, preventive, and always on. Their award-winning platform is engaging and easy to navigate, and it helps people make better choices for their health. Like one of their Partners said – League is exactly what companies want and need right now.

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