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One Medical – Meet A Vendor

One Medical challenges the notion that delivering high-quality, accessible health care is unachievable and prohibitively expensive.

Shortlister hosted Josh Dunsby, Ph.D. Vice President of Client Advocacy and Consultant Relations at One Medical to discuss the value of investing in primary care and what makes One Medical different.


Traditional primary care is not living up to the standard of care that patients need and deserve.

Patients spend a lot on care addressed in urgent care / ER settings that could have been prevented if addressed proactively in a primary care setting. Still, the standard in primary care is a suboptimal experience for patients.

  • 37% of personal healthcare expenditures spent on hospital care*
  • 46% of adults in the U.S. went > 1yr without seeing a PCP**

Primary care…



Founded in 2007, One Medical aims to make quality care more affordable, accessible, and enjoyable through human-centered design and technology. One Medical Enterprise employer partners extend these benefits to eligible employee populations and their families – broadening healthcare access while fully supporting an existing benefits program.

You can find One Medical in near-site offices that provide exceptional advanced primary care or enjoy the comprehensive virtual services available to employees and their families, extending and expanding the experience.

One Medical relies on people-centered design, innovative application of technology, and a team of talented primary care providers with the time and tools to make the right decisions.

One Medical’s services include the following:

  • The population health model offers personalized care designed to measure and elicit health needs, stratify member cohorts based on risk, engage members with need-based outreach, offer targeted interventions to close health and care gaps, and identify members who meet program eligibility criteria.
  • Member-facing outreach guided by algorithms to identify health needs, engage with targeted outreach via secure messages and send automated lab orders and reminders for PCP visits (in-person or remote).
  • Patients’ unique care plans are directly integrated with One Medical app-based tools – This model shows high success and “stickiness” in reaching and engaging with members to complete tasks.
  • Impact by One Medical combines integrated, longitudinal high-touch primary care and health coaching with remote monitoring to help members manage their chronic conditions and avoid the onset of new ones.
  • Mindset by One Medical anchors behavioral health treatment in exceptional primary care, built for better long-term health outcomes.


One Medical believes healthcare should be inclusive, comprehensive, and available to all. That’s why they have created a primary practice designed to make getting exceptional care faster and easier — while making every patient feel well cared for, comfortable, and heard.

  • Responsive and inclusive resources – Evolving their tireless support of the physical and mental well-being of our Black, LGBTQ+, and AAPI populations. Care for our patients and the community at large.
  • Culturally competent care – One Medical are dedicated to promoting evidence, policies, and best practices in providing care that respects the diversity of our patients and the cultural factors that can affect their health.
  • Implicit bias training – Every employee receives implicit bias training to help people better recognize their own unconscious biases, so they can work toward eliminating them.
  • Hiring process – They have implemented systems to limit bias in the interview and hiring process.


One Medical can be offered to all employees and organizations seeking to harmonize a hybrid workforce, regardless of insurance coverage or plan design.

  • Broad National footprint – On-time, same, and next-day appointments with salaried providers. Longer appointments and drop-in labs.
  • 24/7 Virtual Care – On-demand Video Chat, messaging, and prescription renewal requests are available without additional cost sharing or claims. Their own internal clinical team handles all virtual care.
  • Remote Care – Scheduled primary care visits, with an employee’s chosen doctor, over video for various physical and mental health issues.
  • Integrated Behavioral Health – Behavioral Health and medical care are integrated from a clinical perspective and patient experience. When appropriate, we are prepared to expand and promote available options.
  • Specialty Care Coordination – Referral coordination with in-network providers at leading health systems, where health system record sharing is established for better-coordinated care.
  • Culturally Competent Care – One Medical provides culturally-competent and racially-sensitive care designed to make everyone comfortable. Our clinical support for the LGBTQ+ community is nationally recognized.


One Medical challenge the notion that delivering high-quality, accessible health care can be unachievable and prohibitively expensive. In fact, they are working to prove that the opposite is possible — providing a system where quality care is affordable and available to everyone.

On the day of the webinar, February 22nd, One Medical stepped forward in its mission by joining Amazon to make it easier for people to get and stay healthier at a scale.

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