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Best Paycom Competitors & Alternatives in 2024

While Paycom has set a high standard in payroll services, our guide to its top competitors and alternatives reveals other innovative solutions that can transform your HR and payroll operations.
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Analyzing the top Paycom competitors for your HR and payroll needs can be daunting and time-consuming. For this reason, we have prepared a comprehensive list of the top Paycom alternatives to help you make the right decision.  

In this guide, we explore the most suitable Paycom alternatives, focusing on how these solutions can make your payroll processes better, improve compliance, and drive overall business efficiency.  

Paycom’s Payroll Software

Paylocity competitors

Paycom offers a completely employee-driven payroll experience through its innovative tool – Beti – which allows for easy management of expenses, payroll submissions, PTO, and benefits.   

Within the Paycom app, employees can identify and correct paycheck errors before payroll submission, ensuring they are paid accurately and on time. Doing so relieves HR teams from verifying and approving payroll for each employee.  

Once all employees have verified and approved their payroll details, Beti automatically notifies your HR team that the payroll is ready for submission.  

Additionally, the software fully automates the tax filing process, from debiting payroll taxes to depositing them by their due dates and managing filings.   

Therefore, companies simply need to submit their payroll, and Paycom takes care of the rest.  

The system also efficiently manages IRS Forms 941 and 940, ensuring employees receive a single W-2 form. Moreover, Paycom helps clients navigate and comply with state and local tax regulations, significantly reducing their payroll tax responsibilities. 

Best Paycom Competitors & Alternatives in 2024

When assessing the best Paycom alternatives for your business, consider several key factors, such as each software’s feature set, UI ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.   

Each option has its advantages and drawbacks, so it’s important to identify the software that best aligns with your business’s specific needs. To help in your decision-making process, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of top Paycom competitors below. 

1) Deel

PAYCOM competitors

Deel’s payroll services are designed for both domestic and international businesses. Their platform supports the payment of employees and contractors in over 100 countries, simplifying global payroll complexities such as local tax compliance and currency conversion. 

For U.S.-based operations, Deel automates the creation and filing of necessary tax documents like W-4s and 1099s, ensuring compliance with local tax laws. Its powerful support system and scalability make it a strong contender for businesses looking to manage a global workforce effectively.  

2) Oyster 

PAYCOM competitors

Oyster stands out in the competitive field of global payroll services by offering a broad set of solutions for managing and paying international teams.  

Known for its global reach, the platform can enable payroll in over 180 countries, adhere to local laws, and support transactions in multiple currencies. 

Oyster supports businesses in streamlining their global hiring and payroll processes through automated systems that manage everything from employee onboarding to ongoing payroll administration. 

3) Papaya Global

PAYCOM competitors

Papaya Global is a compelling option among Paycom competitors, especially for businesses that manage a global workforce. Their platform supports payroll services in over 160 countries, which makes it easier for companies to handle international payroll and compliance from a single interface.   

Papaya Global provides precision in compensation and adheres to local compliance standards backed by the security of J.P. Morgan’s infrastructure. Their service is user-friendly and offers real-time updates and insights, which helps in making informed payroll decisions quickly and efficiently. 

4) OnPay

PAYCOM competitors

OnPay is an affordable, straightforward payroll solution designed primarily for small to mid-sized businesses. It simplifies payroll processing with features like automatic tax payments and filings, W-2 and 1099 processing, and a range of HR tools, making it a hassle-free option for business owners.  

The platform also guarantees error-free tax filings and allows easy integration with third-party applications like QuickBooks, Time, and Deputy for even better functionality. 

5) Remote

PAYCOM competitors

Remote provides an excellent solution for companies with worldwide teams, offering a smooth and efficient payroll service.  

By leveraging a network of local entities in over 100 countries, Remote not only simplifies payroll but also ensures companies follow local tax and employment laws.  

Remote’s service stands out for its ability to handle payroll processes efficiently and its emphasis on legal compliance and IP rights protection.   

6) Paychex

PAYCOM competitors

Paychex is a full-fledged payroll and HR solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. In contrast, their solution, Paychex Flex, is specifically designed for small businesses with fewer than 50 employees.   

Paychex offers a full suite of features, including automated payroll processing, tax administration, and integration with numerous third-party apps for smooth data organization.   

Moreover, Paychex makes payroll tasks simple with features like direct deposit and pay card options and provides thorough tax assistance, ensuring all payroll taxes are calculated, filed, and paid on time.   

7) ADP

PAYCOM competitors

ADP is a top-tier payroll provider known globally for its reliability. Their system efficiently manages essential tasks like gathering employee information, calculating wages, and ensuring accurate tax deductions and filings.  

ADP’s RUN solution is an excellent starting point for small businesses aiming for growth. It’s a user-friendly cloud-based platform for managing payroll and benefits, with the flexibility to scale up to more extensive enterprise solutions within the central ADP platform.  

For clients with more complex payroll demands, ADP Workforce Now is the go-to choice, as it can manage global payroll and HR operations across 51 countries.   

8) Paylocity

PAYCOM competitors

Among Paycom’s competitors, Paylocity stands out as a top choice, especially for larger businesses. Paylocity offers a full suite of features that merge payroll with HR management, recruitment, and compliance oversight.  

Its integration with Blue Marble allows Paylocity to deliver global payroll services across more than 100 countries, making it an excellent choice for companies with international teams. With proactive compliance features and a user-friendly mobile app, Paylocity makes payroll processing both straightforward and efficient. 

9) Rippling

PAYCOM competitors

When it comes to worker compensation and payroll, Rippling has all the automated tools that any small business needs. From automated payroll, direct deposit payments, tax filing support, and report generation, Rippling makes running and managing payroll straightforward and intuitive.   

One remarkable feature of Rippling is that whenever the payroll system changes, it creates an automated ripple, updating various aspects of the software, from IT to HR and payroll, so they all stay in sync.   

Considering that the HR, IT, and finance functions are intertwined for many startups and small businesses, Rippling’s simplicity of a single system can be ideal for streamlining operations.   

10) Justworks

PAYCOM competitors

Justworks is a professional employer organization (PEO) designed for remote teams. It establishes a co-employment relationship with client companies and acts as the employer of record for employees.   

This model allows Justworks to take on certain legal employer liabilities, which traditional software-based payroll services do not cover, relieving businesses of these responsibilities. In return, companies delegate control over critical processes such as workers’ compensation.  

In other words, it simplifies payroll management for full-time and part-time employees, contractors, and vendors by facilitating direct deposits, bonuses, commissions, and reimbursements. In addition, Justworks handles all payroll-related tax filings and documentation, such as W-2s and 1099s. 

11) APS

PAYCOM competitors

APS equips businesses with the necessary tools and functionalities to deliver accurate and compliant employee payments without delays.   

APS ‘s payroll solution combines core HR, payroll, and time & attendance solutions to keep payroll records precise and updated, drastically reducing time spent on data entry. The platform also adapts to specific business needs and scales with company growth.  

Overall, many small and mid-sized businesses have found APS to be a strong, feature-rich, and cost-effective solution, offering more capabilities and affordability than other cloud-hosted payroll services. 

12) Criterion

PAYCOM competitors

Criterion provides a Human Capital Management (HCM) platform specifically for mid-sized companies. Its cloud-based system modernizes payroll processes to be efficient and integrated with core HR functions.   

Criterion’s user-friendly interface supports automated payroll tasks, employee self-service for accessing payroll information, and in-depth analytics for business insights.   

This flexibility makes Criterion a strong contender for businesses that want to optimize their HR capabilities and simplify payroll operations across various sectors. 

13) Netchex

PAYCOM competitors

Netchex is a noteworthy Paycom competitor, offering a cloud-based payroll system designed to simplify HR operations. It has an easy-to-use interface that integrates HR, payroll, and other essential services, making it a top pick for businesses looking for an efficient and comprehensive payroll solution.  

Netchex emphasizes its affordability and robust feature set, which includes advanced tax handling capabilities, customizable payroll elements, and a strong emphasis on compliance and reporting.  

These features make Netchex an attractive option for businesses that want a reliable, all-encompassing payroll service that can adapt to their growing needs.  

14) isolved

PAYCOM competitors

isolved is an intuitive choice for companies wanting a reliable payroll solution, particularly through its People Cloud platform.   

It delivers various payroll management features that improve the payroll experience by simplifying access to pay stubs, W-2 forms, and different payment options such as direct deposit and PayCard. Businesses can also benefit from automated features that preemptively flag potential errors, thus minimizing costly mistakes.   

Moreover, isolved enables companies to generate detailed reports for various payroll-related data, which can help streamline operations and save money. 

15) AllianceHCM

PAYCOM competitors

AllianceHCM offers a versatile and exhaustive payroll system that easily integrates with other existing business systems, making payroll management effortless and paperless. This integration capability extends across various points of sale and third-party applications, allowing flexibility in managing payroll processes.  

The platform is user-friendly and reliable for tax management. It automatically handles tax deposits and ensures compliance with up-to-date regulations to avoid penalties.   

In addition, AllianceHCM supports on-demand payments, allowing employees to access their earned wages when needed, which is a big plus for both employee satisfaction and recruitment.  


Exploring the best Paycom competitors in 2024 shows that companies have many excellent payroll solutions to choose from, each with unique strengths.   

Whether you’re a small business looking for cost-effective solutions or a large enterprise needing comprehensive global services, there’s a platform in the market to match your specific requirements.  

These alternatives not only compete with Paycom in terms of features but also have special advantages such as user-friendly interfaces, advanced compliance tools, and flexible pricing structures. 

Disclosure: Some of the products featured in this blog post may come from our partners who compensate us. This might influence the selection of products we feature and their placement and presentation on the page. However, it does not impact our evaluations; our opinions are our own. The information provided in this post is for general informational purposes only. 

Written by Ivana Radevska

Senior Content Writer at Shortlister

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