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WELLRIGHT – Meet A Vendor

WELLRIGHT - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Courtney Schroeder, Consultant Relations, and Beth Lynch, Regional Sales Manager at WellRight, for our Meet A Vendor webinar series. They discussed how holistic wellness expertise, high-touch account management, and strategic program design empowers organizations to create engaging programming that meets individuals where they are on their wellness journey.


WellRight is a privately held company based in Chicago that delivers a flexible and customizable well-being program that enables organizations to meet the unique needs of their employee population.

Since 2010, WellRight has offered a robust well-being platform that has served over 600+ clients and over 600,000 members from all industries, states, and sizes.

WellRight powers over 500 corporate wellness programs with its flexible and easy-to-use software by offering all the essentials, such as health risk assessment, fitness device integration, a pre-built challenge library, health coaching, claims data analysis, biometrics, and a rewards engine.


Inspired by the motto, “Helping people live their best lives.”, WellRights corporate well-being platform is designed to deliver a customizable and comprehensive wellness program to support employees throughout their wellness journey.

WellRight enables employers to tailor offers and incentives to their needs and the needs of their people. It has helped hundreds of companies with its flexible programming and platform that easily adapts to employees’ unique and evolving needs, even in times of significant change.

Here are the main pillars of WellRight’s platform:

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