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Why are Wellness Programs Important for Employees?

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Wellness programs provide employers with strategies and solutions that improve employee health and general wellbeing issues. Moreover, these corporate wellness courses focus on edification and measures to prevent negative health outcomes and reinforce positive workplace culture.

An effective wellness program includes health promotion, an award system for committed employees, wellbeing and mental health policies, a greater work-life balance, flexible working hours, equal and fair opportunity, professional training, and more.

On the other hand, wellbeing workshops are often 1-2 hour sessions that focus on one central topic, like mental health for employees within the organization.

How Wellness Programs
facilitate Positive Change

People worldwide expect to continue working from home post-pandemic. Learning to adjust and embrace these lifestyle changes is more important than ever. In fact, for many, this means working while running a household, schooling children, and finding a way to face the challenges of a blurred work-home life.

Throughout this period, healthy lifestyle behaviors and habits can help employees keep a positive state of mind, reduce mental health issues, and maintain balance.

Mental Health

The Creators of Wellness Programs

Wellness programs are created by HR Managers, Leadership, and/or People and Culture specialists, and third-party providers specializing in workplace wellbeing. For smaller teams, the wellbeing program is entirely created by an outsourced specialist to maintain cost efficiencies.

The Wellness Workshop’s workplace wellbeing programs are created specifically to meet the organization’s objectives, size, budget, and resources.

All strategies are evidence-based and developed by an organizational psychologist, accredited wellness coach, accredited practicing dietitian, exercise physiologist, mindfulness teacher, and personal trainer.

This ensures strategies consider all aspects of mental, physical, and vocational health to increase productivity and engagement while reducing staff absenteeism, high turnover, and work-related stress.

Founder | Wellness Coach | Mental Health First Aid Officer

Having suffered mental illness from a young age, Melani founded and built The Wellness Workshop – a holistic wellness center dedicated to helping improve the mental, physical and emotional health of Australians.

Melani’s qualifications include a Level 3 Wellness Coaching accreditation from Wellness Coaches Australia, Mental Health First Aid Officer, Master Personal Trainer, Intuitive Eating Coach, and Bachelor’s Degree in Business. She was also awarded the highly contested 2019 Personal Trainer of The Year Award from Fitness Australia, beating over 3000 national nominations.

Melani is the creator and mastermind behind our range of corporate wellbeing programs and workshops. She is an engaging presenter and passionate speaker who’s delivered over 100 workshops to date.