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Employee Incentive Deep Dive: WorkProud Review

With "taking pride in work" as a core value, WorkProud delivers features that make employees feel recognized, creating a sense of purpose and building a positive work culture.
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Incentivizing teamwork, productivity, and engagement drives organizational growth. Gallup reveals that when companies do this, usually through recognition and rewards, employees are: 

  • Four times more likely to be engaged in their work 
  • Five times more likely to recognize growth opportunities within their company 

At the same time, research demonstrates that in companies with effective incentive programs, 90% of workers were more likely to feel that their job “makes a difference.”  

Increasing engagement while bringing a sense of purpose to work is why WorkProud stands out as one of the leading providers of employee incentives. 

To better understand its impact, our comprehensive WorkProud review dives deep into this provider. 

WorkProuds’s Role in Shaping the Future of Work

The workplace continuously “rebrands” as employees’ needs shift, introducing new trends, values, and benefits. 

However, company pride has stood the test of time, remaining just as relevant today as it has been in the past. 

That’s why WorkProud makes it a core part of its mission. 

Supported by research, experiencing pride in one’s work and company impacts human capital outcomes significantly, including employee satisfaction, advocacy, retention, and business profitability. 

WorkProud also finds that the primary drivers of pride are intrinsic motivation, recognition, validation, and company culture. 

Thus, by integrating these values into its innovative solution, the provider empowers organizations to foster a culture of pride and belonging among their workforces.  

In doing so, WorkProud plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of work, where meaningful connections, purpose-driven work, and a strong sense of pride define the modern workplace 


work proud

True to its name, this employee incentive provider focuses on creating a work culture built on pride while also improving engagement and employee experience.  

To do so, WorkProud delivers a robust platform for employee incentives, rewards, and recognition to over 450 leading companies worldwide and 20 million users. 

As one of the leaders in the market for over two decades, in this WorkProud review, we dive deeper into its comprehensive features, pricing, success stories, and alternatives. 

Product Overview

WorkProud is a comprehensive solution for companies looking for substantial awards catalogs with customizable monetary and non-monetary incentives.  

An excellent choice for on-site and remote teams, its patented global rewards fulfillment service enables companies to tailor their rewards, from payroll bonuses and PTO to gift cards, merchandise, client-branded items, and donations. 

Between customizable incentives, cutting-edge technology, and change management capabilities, WorkProud supports businesses in enhancing the employee experience. 

Product Features

This provider introduces many customizable features into the workplace to create a work culture that improves employee connectedness, appreciation, and engagement. 

Some of the product features include: 

  • Comprehensive platform with a large awards catalogue. 
  • Interactive social recognition that facilitates peer-to-peer recognition through likes, comments, and sharing of accomplishments. 
  • Integration capabilities with over 200 HRIS systems. 
  • Performance management support that enhances existing performance management systems. 
  • Wellness program integrations to merge wellness initiatives with incentives within the same platform. 
  • Internal referral program that contributes to creating a culture of recognition. 
  • Milestone programs that combine monetary rewards with non-monetary elements for important events. 
  • Mobile application that ensures seamless access to recognition tools on the go. 

While, for the most part, WorkProud comes with many advantages, it also has some downsides, like the need for better reporting capabilities and the lack of transparency in pricing. 

Pros & Cons

Pros of WorkProud 

Cons of WorkProud

  • Interactive social recognition features 
  • Limited reporting capabilities 
  • Extensive and customizable award catalog 
  • Not suitable for smaller companies
  • Extensive integration options  
  • No free trial  
  • Easy mobile accessibility 
  • Lack of transparency in pricing

Free Trial & Pricing

The pricing plans are tailored based on organizational requirements, but WorkProud does not disclose pricing details. 

However, according to some of their resources, monthly costs for the platform and app may start at a base cost of $1,500 per month, covering the first 1,500 users. Additional users are billed at $1.00 per user per month and $0.50 per user per month for 5,001+ employees. 

There is also a mention of a 10% fulfillment fee charged when participants redeem points for rewards. 

At the moment of writing, WorkProud doesn’t offer a free trial. 


While WorkProud stands out as a leading employee recognition platform, alternatives such as Nectar, Guusto, and Awardco offer similar functionalities tailored to diverse organizational needs. 

Companies may explore these alternatives to identify the most suitable solution for their requirements.  

  • Nectar is suitable for businesses that want a simple solution while having the luxury of choosing from a large pool of customizable incentives. 
  • Guusto takes personalization a notch further with tailored gift recommendations based on employee preferences. 
  • Awardcois an easy-to-use provider with an extensive award catalog suitable for multinational workforces. 

WorkProud Success Stories & Case Studies

WorkProud’s tangible benefits, including improved return on investment and employee morale, speak for its efficiency. 

For example, after modernizing its employee recognition and reward approach, Gables Residential gained an impressive 10:1 ROI.  

Moreover, the real estate company increased recognitions from 140 to 11,000 and experienced a participation rate of 95%. 

In another case study for First Federal Bank, the provider improved the work culture, eventually resulting in better productivity, collaboration, and client-customer relationships. 

These testimonials highlight the platform’s ability to foster a culture of appreciation, boost employee engagement, and drive organizational success. 


Overall, this provider sets itself apart not only as a comprehensive solution for employees globally but as one that uses recognition and rewards to make jobs and workplaces enjoyable.  

Thus, as companies navigate the evolving needs of the modern workforce, WorkProud stands poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of employee incentive programs. 

Disclosure: Some of the products featured in this blog post may come from our partners who compensate us. This might influence the selection of products we feature and their placement and presentation on the page. However, it does not impact our evaluations; our opinions are our own. The information provided in this post is for general informational purposes only. 

Written by Tamara Jovanovska

Content Writer at Shortlister

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