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LeggUP is a preventative mental health and people development platform offered to enterprises of all sizes as an employee benefit. Through 1:1 virtual professional and mental health coaching, LeggUP helps employees and organizations grown within 12 dimensions of Productivity and Wellbeing. Our Wellbeing dimensions help an individual identify work-related triggers impacting their emotional, mental, and physical health, and adapt new skills and habits so they can function well. And for people with clinical diagnoses like anxiety or depression, LeggUP acts as a highly effective support mechanism to understand what impacts their symptoms at work and how to mitigate negative effects. Our Productivity dimensions are sets of behaviors instrumental in achieving desired levels of performance. For example, to communicate effectively, you must listen actively, make eye contact, understand and relate to what the other person is saying, and respond appropriately. And for individuals in need of additional mental health care, AbilitiCBT, a telehealth platform offering support from a licensed therapist, allows an organization to cover the full spectrum of mental health of employees.

Talent Insurance from LeggUP is an integrated professional development and mental health solution offered as an employee benefit. By focusing on issues like leadership development, avoiding burnout, and emotional health, Talent Insurance helps people develop skills, habits, and behaviors directly impacting their mental health and performance while catapulting organizational output and culture.

Talent Insurance includes:
- Professional Coaching Platform: All eligible employees receive six professional coaching sessions per plan year, making coaching an inclusive employee experience for the first time.

- Proprietary Assessments: LeggUP’s Career Pulse Assessment, taken before and after a professional coaching engagement, measures 12 dimensions of Wellbeing and Productivity. The Learning Style Assessment matches employees to their top three best-suited coaches using intelligent coach matching technology.

- Results & ROI Dashboard: HR leaders receive access to LeggUP’s leadership dashboard where they can track utilization, employee feedback, and aggregated People Analytics based on 12 dimensions of Wellbeing and Productivity.

Talent Insurance can be added to a company’s benefits package on your effective date (the first of any month) and included at open enrollment. All eligible employees receive instant access to the platform and may start whenever it’s most convenient for them.

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