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Tria Health is an independent, progressive chronic care management company committed to reducing the risks and costs associated with chronic conditions and specialty medication mismanagement. Tria Health focuses on resolving health issues that arise due to the non-optimization of medication and clinical gaps in care. Our pharmacists, who are medication experts, speak confidentially to high risk, high cost patients, taking the time to go through their medication regimen and lifestyle habits to make sure medications are safe, effective and affordable and they are managing their condition appropriately to improve their health outcomes. Tria pharmacists develop personalized care plans and communicate any problems or recommendations to both the patient and their prescribing physician(s).

Since the beginning, Tria Health has provided personalized pharmacy guidance to help self-insured employers, health plans, ACOs and their broker partners reduce their medical costs and improve their patient outcomes.

Tria Health identifies plan members with pre-diabetes and diabetes, along with other chronic conditions to engage in the Pharmacy Advocate Program. To fully understand the member’s current health status, a Tria pharmacist conducts a comprehensive telephonic health and medication review. If a member displays signs or symptoms of pre-diabetes or diabetes, the pharmacist will review the diagnostic criteria and provide additional educational resources, including the clinical management of diabetes and the risks associated with poorly controlled diabetes. Tria’s pharmacist will work with the member and their physician to develop a personalized care plan and offer any additional support needed to help them reach an optimal level of health for their diabetes and all other co-morbidities. In addition, Tria Health provides patient with access to Roche's Accu-Check Connect System – a wireless blood glucose meter designed for enhanced management of diabetes. Users share real time blood glucose readings with Tria Health’s pharmacists and other caregivers outside of the program. On Average, Members Engaged with Tria Health see a 1.3 A1C Point Reduction.

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