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Tria Health

  • Founded 2009
  • Group Sizes 500 to 50000
  • Customers Served 500K

About Tria Health

Tria Health is an independent, progressive chronic care management company committed to reducing the risks and costs associated with chronic conditions and specialty medication mismanagement. Tria Health focuses on resolving health issues that arise due to the non-optimization of medication and clinical gaps in care. Our pharmacists, who are medication experts, speak confidentially to high risk, high cost patients, taking the time to go through their medication regimen and lifestyle habits to make sure medications are safe, effective and affordable and they are managing their condition appropriately to improve their health outcomes. Tria pharmacists develop personalized care plans and communicate any problems or recommendations to both the patient and their prescribing physician(s).

Since the beginning, Tria Health has provided personalized pharmacy guidance to help self-insured employers, health plans, ACOs and their broker partners reduce their medical costs and improve their patient outcomes.

Value Proposition

Sixty-percent of Americans have at least one chronic condition, 42% have two or more. Health care costs increase exponentially with each chronic condition. Chronic conditions are best controlled through medication. This is why Tria Health uses clinical pharmacists at the core of its services. Tria’s pharmacists gain an understanding of each member’s medication – prescription, over-the-counter and supplements – along with their lifestyle habits to help them gain better control their health. The result is improved health and lower overall health care costs.

Our differentiators include:
-Patient Focused Care – Unlike disease management or traditional MTM, Tria Health treats the patient, not just the condition with a focus on engagement and outcomes.
-Expert Resources – Tria Health uses clinically trained pharmacists to lead its services. As medication experts, pharmacists are the best resource to manage and optimize medication use.
-High Engagement – Tria Health customizes incentives and communication plans that drives higher engagement for members.
-Innovative Technology – SmartRx™, Tria Health’s proprietary software analyzes biometric, medical and prescription claims data to identify and stratify at-risk plan population.
-Measurable Outcomes – Tria Health provides quantifiable results on engagement, prescription savings, and preventative health care savings.

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Tria Health Offerings

  • Diabetes Programs
    • Diabetes Prevention Programs
    • Diabetes Management Programs
    • Corporate Metabolic Syndrome Vendors
  • Tobacco Cessation Program
  • Weight Management Programs
  • Care Management Companies
    • Disease Management Programs

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Tria Health Materials

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