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Wellness Resolutions, LLC

  • Founded 2011-07-01
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About Wellness Resolutions, LLC

Wellness Resolutions, LLC is a Workplace Wellness consulting company providing Smoking Cessation and Stress Management to Shortlister partners.

With decades of Employee Benefits experience, Meryl Wexler, President, also holds a Master of Social Work (MSW) and has been teaching Smoking Cessation since the 1980s. Specializing in Workplace Wellness since 2007, she launched Wellness Resolutions, LLC in 2011 and began teaching her self-created onsite Smoking/Tobacco Cessation Program in the workplace, applying acquired knowledge from teaching at multiple hospitals.

In early 2014, because onsite teaching is geographically limited, Meryl created Goodbye Tobacco®, an in-depth, 8-session video Smoking Cessation program to reach English speaking tobacco users worldwide. Subsequently, in response to employer interest in the Goodbye Tobacco® Stress Relief Exercise for general population use, Wellness Resolutions carved that out to become a separate product offering. The Stress Relief Exercise video can be meaningful for anyone coping with normal work and life pressures and can be offered as an impactful, as well as economical incentive for wellness program participation.

Value Proposition

We’re proud of helping hundreds of people quit smoking over decades, freeing them from addiction and other forms of tobacco dependency. Employees throughout the U.S. and most international locations can subscribe to Goodbye Tobacco®, our in-depth video series, to identify their personal tobacco dependency(ies) and strategize their quit approach accordingly. Not simply addressing broad concepts, we drill down on HOW to quit, building “can do” confidence. (If preferred in the Greater Philadelphia geography, we teach onsite.) Both Goodbye Tobacco® and our onsite program strengthen motivation to become tobacco free, supporting participants all along the way to achieve their goals.

Our educational/coaching approach helps participants understand their choice to smoke and empowers them to implement change in ways that work for them. Whether through Goodbye Tobacco® or onsite, we uniquely deliver a personal touch experience. Goodbye Tobacco® subscribers have unlimited access for one year, particularly meaningful when initially unable to quit or when struggling to sustain progress after quitting.

We’re delighted that our Stress Relief Exercise (included in Goodbye Tobacco®) can help non-smoking employees experiencing general life stress. Set to a calming voice and relaxing music, guided meditation facilitates coping with the normal pressures of work, relationships and life challenges.

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