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About Wellsource

Wellsource, Inc. has been the leading provider of Health Risk Assessment solutions for nearly 40 years. Over the years Wellsource’s purpose has remained the same: Use the power of technology to promote prevention and add years to life and life to years. Today we offer an innovative suite of HRAs to millions of users with a unique design paradigm that has changed the way a user interacts with a HRA. We have spent nearly four decades researching, updating, and enhancing our HRAs and wellness tools. Continually keeping up to date with the latest scientific research, our staff of health experts are the best at turning health outcomes into evidence-based algorithms and educational materials. Our research staff has examined thousands of peer-reviewed, published studies to prepare and present the most balanced health risk assessments, reporting and content in the industry.

Wellsource offers a variety of NCQA certified HRAs (Medicaid, Medicare, etc…) to meet the various needs of the population. Our technologically advanced WellSuite® IV platform offers an unparalleled user experience including mobile assessments. Based on nearly 4 decades of experience, our HRAs and wellness tools give you the power to assess risk, target specific groups, and track progress.

Value Proposition

Wellsource has been developing Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) for almost 40 years – longer than any other company. Our depth of experience and longstanding reputation for evidence-based products has made Wellsource the premiere provider of HRAs worldwide. We offer assessments online, on mobile devices, and paper/pencil versions.
Our wellness programs are certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and are compliant with all privacy laws. Our wellness tools also give participants access to the very best content available and are more affordable than most.
Wellsource®assessment systems have robust reporting capabilities to help you evaluate the success of your wellness program – at no additional cost. Select from unlimited criteria to create your own administrative reports. Ad hoc reports are available 24/7 – providing as much information as you want, whenever you want it. And our software training and technical support is always free.
Wellsource is the company that health experts choose – a testament to our widespread acceptance as one of the most evidence-based HRA providers in the industry. Founded by health professionals, we ensure scientific validity exists resolutely at the core of every product we develop.

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