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Wellworks For You

  • 3.9/5 (25 reviews)

  • Founded 2008-06-01
  • Group Sizes Larger than 50
  • Customers Served 1.2M

About Wellworks For You

Wellworks For You provides wellness services to companies of all sizes, governments, resellers, and individuals throughout the world.

Wellworks For You was created as a vehicle to assist employers in designing and implementing a comprehensive wellness program. We recognize that healthy minds and healthy bodies are the catalyst to a successful working environment.

Corporate wellness programs have a proven track record of Return on Investment (ROI). The pitfall of many programs is that they are still one-dimensional, not personalized, and passive with minimal participation. The Wellworks For You Program commits to a strong focus on your employees by promoting organizational integration and strong communication. We believe the key to a successful program is engagement! Our proprietary platforms, systems, and incentive management tools deliver the highest employee participation with a measurable return on investment.

A program’s level of economic return depends on the program model and use of the strategies that define “best practices.” Wellworks For You provides the foundation to administer a health promotion program at a premier level with ease. Its systems have advanced methods of collecting and tracking data to provide a comprehensive dataset for the metrics that are essential in estimating ROI.

Value Proposition

Our value is in the approach we take in designing and managing corporate wellness programs for a diverse employee demographic. Our experience, management team, skills, best-in-class web portal and evidence-based tools have been proven to provide high engagement rates and measurable outcomes. Our core philosophy extends to our five cornerstones of wellness which include a customized wellness portal, Biometric/Lab data, next Generation HRA, comprehensive health coaching communication platform and incentive management tracking. . Our portal is 100% customizable to match the look and feel of the client, from color scheme, content, pictures, programs, administrative access and reporting. The next four cornerstones are integral in creating the participation and results our clients need. The data from within the cornerstones allow us to manage employee health and stratify population risk. The patented disease risk algorithms predicts each member’s 5-year current disease risk, modifiable risk, and peer group percentile risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, heart failure, COPD, & lung cancer. Stratifying members by their “absolute modifiable risk” for each disease (difference between current risk and achievable risk) a screened population can be uniquely stratified into risk groups to identify the subgroup that is carrying the majority of “future morbidity load” by disease.

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Wellworks For You Offerings

  • Wellness Companies
  • Financial Wellness Programs
    • Financial Education
    • Short-Term Loans
    • Corporate Student Loan Programs
    • Corporate Resilience Program
    • EAP Providers
    • Mindfulness at Work
    • Stress Management in the Workplace
    • Tobacco Cessation Program
    • Corporate Fitness Challenges
    • Corporate Challenge Program
    • Corporate Walking Challenge
    • Corporate Nutrition Programs
    • Health Coaches
    • Health Coaching Software
    • Onsite Health Coaching
    • Telephonic Health Coach
    • Health Literacy Programs
    • Incentive Fulfillment Companies
    • Weight Management Programs
    • Venipuncture Biometric Screening
    • Finger Stick Blood Test
    • Off Site Lab Testing Programs
    • Biometric Screening
    • Home Screening Kits
    • Health Risk Assessment
    • Physician Forms
    • Care Management Companies
    • Utilization Management Companies
    • Disease Management Programs
    • Telemedicine Companies

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