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About atlasGO

atlasGO is a San Francisco and Brussels based social business and Certified B Corp.

We have launched our application in March 2017 with the mission to create a global community of sweaty changemakers, helping people around the globe stay active and support impactful nonprofit organizations.

Today, we are a team of 13 motivated individuals, working on our shared mission to make our users’ lives happier and healthier while raising funds, awareness, and engagement for important causes.

Over the last two years, we worked with over 75 corporate and nonprofit partners by running impactful employee- and community engagement campaigns. We have delivered successful campaigns all around the globe, in multiple languages and for companies of all sizes, from small enterprises with 100 employees to multinational corporations with 30,000+ employees.

We are looking forward to helping you create impact while making your employees happy, healthy and proud to work for a company that runs the talk!

Value Proposition

Company Culture & Community Building – We enhance company culture by rallying your workforce behind an impactful and flexible goal. Bike 100,000 miles, plant 10,000 trees, raise ,000 for an impactful cause – everything is possible. Your employees compete as individuals, by location, by business unit or unite in teams, Various features promote a unique spirit that brings together a scattered global workforce.

Health & mindfulness – We give your most important stakeholders an extra motivation to promote any activities that are important to you. We offer sports Challenges, mindfulness Challenges, healthy eating Challenges or volunteering Challenges.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Most of our Challenges have a direct link to your CSR measures. Address topics such as Climate Change or the Sustainable Development Goals in a credible manner. Support a project of your choice and raise awareness and engagement amongst your employees by connecting the goal of your Challenge with social impact. It’s the extra motivational boost that will make your Challenge a company-wide success.

Marketing & Data – We create a unique story and visibility around your campaign with targeted communication measures to reach your goal. You have live access to content and data gathered throughout the campaign.

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atlasGO Media

atlasGO Offerings

  • Wellness Companies
  • Mindfulness at Work
    • Corporate Resilience Program
    • Corporate Challenge Program
    • Corporate Walking Challenge
    • Corporate Fitness Challenges

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