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  • 4.5/5 (8 reviews)

  • Founded   01/1998
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  • Customers Served  12M
  • 4.5/5 (8 reviews)

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About Businessolver

Businessolver is a benefits technology solution with a configurable, secure Software as a Service platform and a culture of service. Businessolver was launched in 1998 to assist clients in the day-to-day challenges of human resources. After seeing the waste, inefficiencies, and inaccuracies produced by paper-based employee benefits systems, Businessolver expanded its online services to include the web-based benefits platform, Benefitsolver, which was launched in 2000. Businessolver's core service is benefits technology services (online enrollment and eligibility) which includes, but is not limited to, employee self-service (new hire, annual enrollment, life events, etc.); administrator access; reporting tools; employee data management tools; and file feeds to carriers, TPAs and payroll/HRIS systems. We also offer a full suite of benefits administration services including: billing and financial reporting, Service Center, COBRA administration, fulfillment, communication strategy and design, status verification (including dependent verification, life event verification, and EOI processing), retiree and leave of absence direct billing, spending account administration, condolence administration, QMCSO qualification and administration, and a toolset to support the major components of ACA (hours tracking and eligibility, 1094/1095 storage, transmittal and fulfillment, and exchange notice distribution).

Value Proposition

Culture: At Businessolver, the key to delighting our clients is to start with delighting our employees. We are one team. We strive to create a fun, empathetic culture that focuses on people and emphasizes living our Core Values: Perform, Engage, Innovate, and Give Back. Innovation: Businessolver is at the forefront of innovation within the benefits landscape. We invest daily in the future of our technology. We bring new intelligent applications to benefits administration, including our personal benefits assistant—Sofia—and instant verification. We create new ways to reduce manual processes, create efficiencies, and lower the risk of error by using AI to automate. We continually invest 25% of our revenue back into our system to deliver technology that innovates and leads the way. Focus: One team. One vision. One goal. You gain peace of mind and confidence working with a partner who has a long-term focus for benefits administration, which is our sole business. Quality: We're in it together. We focus on quality because we never take for granted the fact we serve real people. Quality at Businessolver means ongoing, stringent validation throughout the client lifecycle, beginning with onboarding and continuing throughout the relationship.

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Businessolver Offerings

  • ACA Reporting Software
    • ACA Tracking
    • ACA Reporting Services
    • Benefits Administration Solution Companies
  • Benefits Decision Support
  • HSA Administrators

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