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How to Help B2B Employees in the Digital Transformation Process

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Digital transformation has been a buzzword for several years now, but only now are businesses truly embracing the need to switch up their strategies.  

In the B2B sphere, it encourages companies to upgrade their operational strategies to meet the challenges of an increasingly digital world. It involves updating all operations and processes so that business is equipped to thrive in the online landscape.  

Therefore, to succeed in the digital age, B2B businesses must be able to adapt and adopt new technologies and means of communication. As such, B2B employees must undergo a transformation process to become more agile and capable of handling these recent changes.  

For example, they may need training in programs like AI or automation to handle tasks that were once handled by humans alone.  

However, not every B2B employee will have the same level of understanding about this shift in the business world, which is why it’s up to the manager to assist them through this process. After all, if they feel they don’t understand what’s happening or don’t see their place in the new company structure, that could result in higher employee turnover rates.  

See how a manager can get started helping B2B employees succeed with their digital transformation process, so everyone has a prosperous future with the business. 

How Digital Transformation Process Affects B2B Business

Global spending on digital transformation is expected to reach $6.8 trillion by 2023.  

As businesses embrace new technologies and embrace digital transformation, they’ll need to make adjustments to their internal operations to ensure a smooth transition.  

This means that B2B employees will need to interact with technology differently.  

They may need to update their skill sets and even make changes to their communication styles to appeal to other businesses in a shorter period without having to burn themselves out.  

These changes will affect employees at all levels, no matter how long they’ve worked at the company. That means that the digital transformation process can create uncertainty at work.  

While some B2B employees are excited and have no problem adjusting to a more advanced way in their operation, others may feel like they’re in the dark about what changes are coming or how to prepare for them. 

How to Help B2B Employees to Adapt

It’s usually the HR department team’s job to ensure that B2B employees can keep up with the never-ending digital transformation. Here are some actionable ways to make the digital transformation process a lot easier to follow for employees. 

1) Enable Employees to Learn & Grow

Adaptability is one of the most significant assets that employees can have in the digital transformation process.  

With that in mind, managers can help employees by allowing them to learn and grow as quickly as possible. They can implement internal training initiatives that enable employees to learn new skills and practice with technologies and programs.  

Managers can also facilitate this by letting employees know that learning is expected. Let them know that the company wants to equip them with the skills they need to succeed and that it’s expected of them to take the time to study. 

2) Provide Internal Training for Employees

Provide training or onboarding programs for employees and new hires to teach them about the company and its operations. This will help create a culture of inclusion in which employees feel like they’re part of the larger team. 

It can also help them feel more confident about their roles in the company. Internal training programs can help employees learn about company history, mission statements, and company values.  

More importantly, they can learn about the products they’re selling to feel confident answering customer questions. Consider providing the employees with digestible training videos or easy-to-follow guides to make the learning process less daunting. 

3) Help Employees Feel Included In the Company Process

The digital transformation process is bound to include significant changes affecting the company culture.  

During this time, managers have the opportunity to create an inclusive environment that allows all employees to feel like they’re a vital part of the company. Let employees know they’re essential to the process by having one-on-one conversations and listening to their thoughts and concerns.  

It’s always best to be open to feedback from all employees, including entry-level workers who may not feel comfortable talking to their managers. 

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4) Help Employees Understand Why Change Is Happening

While it’s important to include employees in the company process, it’s also important to explain why these changes are happening.  

By offering transparency, managers can help their employees understand why the company is shifting to new technologies and programs. For example, if a company decides to adopt AI, the manager should tell employees why.  

Share how this technology is expected to help the business grow and operate more efficiently. This will help employees better understand the changes and feel more confident in their roles moving forward. 

5) Maintain Communication

Communication is vital when managing a team undergoing a digital transformation process.  

Employees need to know that there’s always a manager to help. This will help create a culture where employees feel comfortable expressing their concerns and asking questions.  

It will also build trust between managers and team members, creating an environment where employees feel more confident about their roles and excited about the company’s future. Communication should also happen between employees.  

It’s crucial to make sure all the team members are talking with one another and sharing knowledge and insights.  

Communication can help team members feel included in the digital transformation process and can help them feel more confident in their roles. 

On a Final Note 

The rate of change continues to accelerate, and new technology is transforming almost every business, including B2B companies. How employees respond to this dynamic environment can make or break their careers at any company. It’s safe to say that creating an environment where employees are equipped with the tools they need to succeed will go a long way toward ensuring the B2B company thrives in the digital transformation process.  

Written by Andre Oentoro
Written by Andre Oentoro

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

Twitter: @breadnbeyond
LinkedIn: Andre Oentoro