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BUOY HEALTH – Meet A Vendor

BUOY HEALTH - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Kevin Fyock, VP of Sales at Buoy Health to share how Buoy Health helps clients give their employees a smarter and easier way to find the right care options.


Buoy is a healthcare platform that guides people to the right care for their situation. Buoy offers a multitude of tools including AI-symptom checking to match users’ clinical needs with relevant care options, including those covered within their employee benefits ecosystem. In parallel to first-touch tools like symptom assessment and self-triage, Buoy makes it possible for people to find the right care within its marketplace and take confident steps towards getting better as soon as possible.

By offering an agnostic marketplace comprised of an employer’s health benefits in combination with Buoy’s wide variety of partnered care options concurrently with personalized navigation, Buoy offers a better way for employers to provide their population with convenient, covered care options that meet their unique needs. 

Buoy is the best way to learn about:

How Buoy can help employers rethink health benefits:

There are so many options at your disposal when it comes to choosing care solutions for your workforce. This makes selecting the proper treatment a challenging mission. Buoy makes this choice very easy. Their digital health solutions are carefully designed to help people find the right care at the right moment, no matter where they are in their health journey.

Buoy Health is building a solution that:

Provides employees with a wide array of choice and supports subpopulation needs – It’s imperative for businesses to support the diverse and unique needs of their employees. The recent proliferation of point solutions offers the promise of addressing subpopulation needs with improved, digital-enabled experiences. But the accompanying procurement nightmare is no joke — Buoy offers a better way. 

Helps individuals find care options that are the right fit – With lots of options comes the need for personalized guidance to make sense of the clinical situation, severity, urgency, and the relevant care options available in an individual’s personal context — how a care option fits within employee benefits, insurance coverage, personal preferences and logistical considerations. Luckily, navigation is Buoy’s bread and butter. 

Offers simplified vendor contracting and billing – Buoy allows benefits administrators to employ a singular contract that unlocks access to multiple point solutions, frees up time spent on vendor procurement and management, and provides centralized and integrated reporting insights. 


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