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Cancer Expert Now – Meet A Vendor

Cancer Expert Now facilitates the exchange of knowledge between members of the Onviv Expert Network and doctors, patients, and their loved ones through an easy-to-use, virtual, on-demand platform.

Cancer is disruptive. Employers are challenged every day by the needs of their employees, regulatory demands, rigorous management, and timely outcomes. This is where Cancer Expert Now lands a helping hand. They apply the expertise of top oncologists, data insights, AI, and disruptive technologies to provide the best possible member experience while improving outcomes and reducing waste.

Last week, Shortlister had the pleasure of hosting Julia Paphitis, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Cancer Expert Now for our Meet a Vendor webinar series. During the meeting, Julia shared more details on how they support plan sponsors through their White Glove Cancer Benefit Solution.

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Cancer Expert Now is changing how cancer care is delivered through a revolutionary platform that offers rapid and efficient interaction with world-class oncologists to help inform optimal cancer treatment for patients and their families, providers, care managers, and payors. Leveraging in-force benefits, CEN applies oncologic expertise at the best possible engagement opportunities creating an improved experience for patients and their families, physicians, and care managers, while helping all benefits perform better for cancer patients.

They are on a dual mission:

  1. To help those with cancer make good quality decisions so that when they look back at their journey, they can be sure they are making informed, confident decisions
  2. To help treating physicians access Thought Leaders for guidance and latest oncology innovations.


In a world where timely and high-quality healthcare can make all the difference, Cancer Expert Now is at the forefront. Here are some of their platform features:

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  • Rapid expert intervention and care navigation: Cancer Expert Now prioritizes swift, expert healthcare interventions, seamless care navigation, and local access to the right expertise. They connect patients to appropriate high performing sites of care, leveraging NCI centers and COEs for complex procedures and screenings while  enabling  access to premium care at  High Performing Community centers. They also enable virtual collaboration for treating providers  andclinical trial opportunities sponsored by life science organizations.    Leveraging  close partnerships with treating physicians and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLS)  ensuring  top-quality care for their members and families.

  • Delivering a higher standard of cancer care by removing barriers to expertise: Cancer Expert Now is a global on-demand platform and benefit for rapid access to the world’s leading cancer experts helping members have their best possible cancer journey. CEN brings the expertise of leading oncologists to patients, care managers, and physicians to help in the improvement of the cancer episode.

  • Data-driven engagement, live expert interaction: live expert sessions, new features monthly, all modalities resulting in over 84% engagement on average 15% increase in preventative compliance.


Whether the engagement is driven by a member, our messaging app, or a partner, the member experience is consistent:

Step 1: Concierge Triage and Intake
Members and their families contact CEN to arrange for support. Care Navigator determines immediate and ongoing interventions.

Step 2: Secure Data / Record Collection

Member authorizes CEN to access relevant information and any medical records the member can provide.

Step 3: “Smart Match” Medical Expert Assignment

Based on the type of cancer and the questions asked, enabled by Artficial Intelligence, driven by Human Intelligence, the appropriate oncologist(s) is assigned, gaps identified for intervention, or collaborates with other areas such as psycho-social support.

Step 4: Schedule Consult
CEN will schedule an appointment with the patient (and family) and the oncology or other expert or resource. Members are prepared by Care Navigators to ensure the best outcome.

Step 5: Patient’s Expert Consult
The patient and family are brought into a HIPAA-compliant Waiting Room. Member is provided with recording and summary after their 30-minute session is complete. Sessions and access is unlimited for members and their families.

Step 6: Coordinate Next Steps for Member With MCO
CEN will coordinate with member and their family to secure the next clinical steps. If medically written summaries are necessary, these will be provided.


  • Higher Standard of Cancer Care: 48% of members benefit from the correction of a diagnosis or staging error.
  • Expert Medical Review: 9/10 physicians make a change after consulting a CEN expert.
  • Site of Care Opportunities: Average savings of $71k per infusion, and 26% per surgery.
  • White Glove Cancer Concierge: 35% of members benefit from cost-savings in therapeutics.


Cancer care can be extremely difficult to navigate with obstacles, questions, and decisions at every turn. Care barriers can impact patients’ ability to receive timely care and have improved health outcomes. The most effective way to improve the outcome and lower cost is to begin the cancer journey with the right diagnosis and correct first-line treatment. 

So, don’t wait. Reach out to the dedicated experts at the Cancer Expert Now team today, and embark on the journey towards a brighter, healthier future together.

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