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10 Free Learning Management Systems (LMS) in 2023

Over the past decade, access to information and the vast capabilities of the internet significantly increased  the availability of knowledge. People have more opportunities to learn, which allows them  to progress in their careers and excel. Hence, the learning management systems (LMS) emerged to formalize companies’ training and education programs.

Today, people can study online, eliminating the time and money-consuming commute to brick-and-mortar classrooms. For companies implementing these systems, most come at a cost, but there are a handful of free LMS platforms.  

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What are Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

LMS is a software application used to manage educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs by tracking, reporting, automating, and delivering them online.  

This software was initially intended for use in the higher education sector. Today, however, most LMSs are geared toward helping the corporate sector develop the potential of their employees.  

This award-winning LMS platform is completely free. Many world-renowned companies and organizations, such as the United Nations, Mizuno, Shell, and Marley Spoon use this training tool to better educate their employees. In fact, people can see their video testimonials from satisfied customers here.

This system has an editable content library and uses a template approach to make learning easier. It is mobile-friendly, allowing users to access their courses from anywhere. 

In addition, EdApp’s library contains premade courses from industry leaders that users can drag and drop into their accounts. All the content in these courses can be customized and edited.

With the built-in course authoring tool, users can create beautiful, engaging, and effective microlessons without coding. This program also has a built-in reward system called custom achievements. Lecturers can personalize a wide range of accomplishments and rewards for their users using gamification to incentivize learning.

ATutor is an open-source LMS used to build and administer online courses. It helps users to produce and distribute interoperable e-learning material.

This platform allows teachers to create their own online courses and eLearning content. ATutor provides quite a few development tools for administrators and instructors. It’s designed to be adaptable and accessible to all, providing communication tools, social networking, messaging, file storage, and file tracking. 

This free LMS software also provides assistive technology for people with disabilities.

The emphasis is mostly on blindness and visual impairments, deafness and hearing impairments, and autism spectrum disorders. They can, for example, help with tasks that rely on reading texts, conversing verbally, and engaging in advanced social interactions.

MyiCourse is a free learning management system created for those who wish to teach online. 

What makes MyiCource different from other LMS tools is that it allows users to establish a virtual institution and enable teachers to monetize their coursework. Therefore, users can publish or sell educational content through the platform. 

For course creators, there are two options: Either host a “public” college with courses available to everyone or host a “private” college with content that is only available to select people.

In this area, it is more sophisticated than other LMS. It allows users to create customized, interactive courses to train and engage their students or employees. This platform enables users to brand their work, including tests, questions, certificates, and custom registration.

Chamilo is a free online LMS that allows users to create content for individual classes. 

It can accommodate over 3,000 simultaneously connected users. Therefore, it is an excellent solution for large companies that need capable software to train many people at the same time. 

Another exciting capability of this LMS is that it allows users to create a virtual campus for their training. Its interface is eye-catching and includes essential features such as a courses catalog, skills management, certificate generation, and SCORM support.

One drawback with Chamilo is that it has limited integration options. It doesn’t have many templates; therefore, it requires more time and effort to create content.

If you’re looking for a platform that handles most of the heavy lifting when creating, selling, and managing courses, TalentLMS is an excellent option to consider. 

This LMS meets the needs of both the course creator and the students. It is simple to use for creators, but it also makes the learning process appealing and convenient.

It’s an excellent choice if you’re new to the e-learning industry and want a modern yet straightforward solution. At the same time, it has a plethora of customizable features for more experienced e-learning professionals.

Popular options integrated into TalentLMS are:

  • Test retakes
  • The opportunity to create surveys and polls
  • Reporting and data analytics
  • Collaborative learning for students
  • Discussion forums.

TalentLMS allows lecturers to develop and sell their courses. Therefore, this platform gives creators the value of their time spent creating a course.

Humaxa offers help through many adaptable features to ease remote working. This platform addresses distributed workforce performance with “Max,” a playful, neuroscience-based AI Assistant. 

Here is how Humaxa’s AI assistant Max delivers solutions for the most challenging obstacles faced by remote workers:

  • Working from home with children and all kinds of distractions is difficult. Max can put the employees in touch with a group to discuss best practices.
  • When workers feel socially isolated, Max can put them in touch with a mentor.
  • When everyone is remote, it can be challenging to get feedback from coworkers. However, Max can solicit anonymous feedback on your behalf.

iSpring is a global leader in developing award-winning eLearning software. 

iSpring Solutions, Inc. has been assisting thousands of businesses worldwide in advancing corporate training and spreading best business practices since 2005. This LMS is known for its beautifully engineered products and exceptional customer service.

This platform has won multiple awards, giving its users a positive experience. These are the awards that this software managed to collect in the last decade:

  • The Brandon Hall Group recognized iSpring for Excellence in Technology in 2010 and 2013
  • Gold Award in the Rapid Authoring and Content Authoring categories in 2016
  • Capterra named iSpring Tech Support the best of 2017
  • In 2018, iSpring was named one of the Top LMSs based on User Experience by the eLearning industry and one of the Top 20 Authoring Tools companies.

Appsembler’s cloud-based training platform makes it simple to create and deliver immersive, hands-on learning experiences that stick. 

Chef, Redis Labs, Dremio, and other cutting-edge software companies rely on Appsembler to power their online learning programs. 

What separates Appsembler from other providers of LMS software is that this company assists users in creating and hosting their personal websites so they can build their own businesses. It allows users to present themselves more exclusively to their clients.

NextThought is a team-based learning management platform designed for customer, employee, and partner training.

By combining seamless course creation tools, social learning communities, and learning analytics, NextThought enables team leaders to implement training programs that support learning, upskilling, and reskilling. 

An intuitive learning dashboard allows users to view all assigned lessons, assignments, and course information. NextThought also provides insights into participation, habits, engagement, and attention to assist teams in continuously improving their learning programs. 

This LMS integrates with various third-party software applications, including Salesforce, Stripe, Google, and Zapier. 

O’Reilly has spread world-changing ideas of innovators through books, articles, conferences, and their online learning platform for over 40 years. Companies and their employees can access books, live online training, videos, seminars, and other resources covering operations, AI, data, finance, UX design, and leadership. 

Through certifications, live events, and interactive sessions, this software assists individuals in enhancing technical abilities and demonstrating proficiency while saving the organization time and effort.


There is an abundance of different LMS solutions on the market. Choosing the right one can deliver exceptional results and give people a chance to grow and prosper in their professional development.

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— Written by the<br> Shortlister Editorial Team

— Written by the
Shortlister Editorial Team

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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