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SWORD HEALTH – Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Tom Goldhardt, Director of Corporate Sales, and Ashley Bass, Clinical Specialist at Sword Health. They discussed Sword Health’s expanding treatment focus and recent announcements about Sword shifting the digital MSK care industry toward a broader focus.


Pain impacts all areas of our well-being:

  • Physical activity
  • Productivity
  • Financial health
  • Hobbies and leisure
  • Stress levels
  • Social life and relationships
  • Sleep
  • Mood and appetite

These negative changes in our lifestyle can increase our pain and dampen our overall mood. The frustration of dealing with this can result in depression and anxiety.

Sword Health believes that musculoskeletal health is the key to holistic care. Addressing MSK pain can lead to health improvements across organizations.


Sword Health, a clinically proven end-to-end digital solution for workforces suffering from musculoskeletal disorders, is on a mission to free 2 billion people from pain. It starts with a dedicated Doctor of Physical Therapy who creates a highly personalized treatment plan and stays with the member throughout the whole journey.

Sword offers clinical-grade physical therapy virtually with these three key ingredients:

  1. Clinical experts provide all the care, never non-clinical staff.
  2. Biofeedback from FDA-listed tech – Wearable sensors and computer vision measure the quality of every exercise.
  3. Fully tailored experience – Biofeedback collected from our tech makes it possible to provide a truly personalized experience.


Sword has long been the leader in digital MSK treatment, using patented techniques for biofeedback and licensed physical therapists. But now, with recent announcements, Sword is shifting the whole industry with a broader focus that still relies on the same fundamental principles: reliable data, expert guidance, and customized treatment which leads to best-in-class adherence and outcomes.

Today, the SWORD solution consists of five modules:

  1. The Academy – The highest quality physical health education and resources to prevent injuries, understand pain, reduce risks, and build healthy habits.
  2. Sword On-Call – Instant, on-demand access to a physical health specialist to guide you when care is needed.
  3. Virtual MSK – Best-in-class care for acute, chronic, and pre/post-surgical MSK conditions.
  4. Bloom – Specialty care for 39 conditions, including pelvic pain, urinary/bowel disorders, sexual health, pregnancy, post-partum, and perimenopause.
  5. Move – Personalized solution that combines physical therapy’s clinical focus with the holistic fitness approach.


  • Direct impact on pain, mental health, and productivity – 62% less pain, 53% less depression and anxiety, and 42% increased productivity. 
  • The highest engagement and retention rates – 9.7/10-member satisfaction and 83% retention rate.
  • Improving life at work and outside work – 80% of members feel better, and 53% have an improvement in the ability to carry out daily activities.
  • Ensuring better sleep – 54% of members with sleep disturbance report total recovery.
  • Behavioral change for long-lasting outcomes – 33% increase in physical activity levels.

Sword Health’s vision is all about developing a pain-free world powered by technology and enhanced by people. Join Sword in its movement to free the world from pain!

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