Meet a Vendor

TELLIGEN – Meet A Vendor

TELLIGEN - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Ami Bolles, Director of Strategic Accounts, Peyton Scott, Business Development Specialist, and Scott Daniel, Quality Improvement Manager at Telligen. They discussed empowering employee health to create a culture of health and well-being while lowering health costs.


With rising health costs, now more than ever, it is vital employers focus on employee health. This is when Telligen comes in. As a leading health and wellness company, Telligen is committed to providing expertise and solutions that produce measurable results and meet health plan sponsors’ and administrators’ challenges and goals. For 50 years, Telligen has helped millions of people live their healthiest lives by improving health outcomes nationwide through proven health solutions and healthcare expertise.



  • Flexibility

Telligen is large enough to maintain the capacity to serve large, complex populations while remaining agile and flexible. They are committed to providing clients with highly configurable and personalized solutions, providing flexibility as your needs grow and change.

  • Experience

Collectively, the Telligen team brings 50 years of combined experience. They offer unmatched knowledge and expertise, including utilization patterns, program identification, and data trends. 

  • Results

Telligen is committed to working closely with clients to ensure the medical programs achieve goals as they grow and change to meet the needs of its member population.

With Telligen, Clients Receive:

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