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ActiveHealth® Management is a clinically-based, technology-driven health coaching company whose primary mission is to help people achieve their best health. Since our inception in 1998, ActiveHealth has provided evidence-based clinical analytics; care management; and lifestyle and condition coaching to more than 30 million unique members. Our primary focus is to remove fragmentation in the healthcare system by including treating physicians in our integrated programs. ActiveHealth has extensive experience providing services to self-insured employer groups, state governments and midsized regional health plans.

Clients rely on the ActiveHealth Lifestyle and Condition Coaching solution to measurably improve health outcomes for all plan members, especially those who are vulnerable and more difficult to engage. By engaging those at highest risk, ActiveHealth is uniquely positioned to reduce the cost of care. The program has been proven to lower medical cost trend by up to 5.5%* for identified members.

ActiveHealth enables plan sponsors to:
• Engage all employees - Offer a well-being solution that works for all your employees. Programs range from a self-guided digital experience to live personalized, one-to-one support.

• Focus on vulnerable employees - High-opportunity members can be difficult to engage. Specialized support can help them manage multiple chronic conditions, social and behavioral challenges.

• Predict and address avoidable, costly health events - Offer digital and live coaching and care coordination that’s powered by data analytics. Our clinical decision-support engine predicts avoidable lifestyle, chronic and acute risk.

• Motivate change - Inspire members to focus on their individual “why” for achieving better health. Let the member lead the change. Help them achieve goals with, personalized, evidence-based steps.

* ActiveHealth Lifestyle Condition Coaching – Year 2 Follow-up Study October 2020

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