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Unmind – Meet A Vendor

Unmind is a global mental health platform with scientifically-validated insights for leaders, training for managers, and a network of therapists and coaches to support individual and organizational wellbeing and drive up business performance.

The formula is straightforward: Cultivating supportive work cultures combined with robust employee well-being programs leads to enhanced business performance. Prioritizing employee well-being is simply a smart business move. This is the part where Unmind empowers organizations to establish cultures where well-being directly influences performance. 

In our recent Meet a Vendor webinar, we had the pleasure of hosting Hannah Kloeckner, an expert in Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at Unmind. Hannah delved into the transformative potential of fostering supportive work cultures and implementing robust wellbeing programs, shedding light on the science behind Unmind’s employee wellbeing strategy.


When well-being takes center stage, statistics confirms that both individuals and businesses thrive:

  • A staggering 20-fold increase in the likelihood of organizations achieving their financial targets when they prioritize mental health.
  • Employers can expect a remarkable estimated return of $5 for every $1 invested in workplace mental health initiatives.
  • Highly engaged teams drive a remarkable 21% boost in profitability.


The Unmind platform offers a comprehensive approach to organizational wellbeing, empowering clients with the tools and knowledge to create high-performing and psychologically safe work environments.

Here are the key features of the Unmind platform:

  • Unmind Insights: Gain valuable data-driven insights into the contributors that impact mental health within your organization. Unmind Insights provides actionable information, impact analyses, and recommendations to drive lasting change and improve overall well-being across the entire organization.

  • Unmind Exec: With Unmind Exec, your company’s executive team can work closely with Unmind to develop a blueprint for high performance firmly grounded in mental health support. This service ensures that mental health is prioritized at the highest level of the organization.

  • Unmind Manager: Empower your leaders with expert-led, continuously evolving learning resources. From overcoming imposter syndrome to mastering self-care and fostering the growth of their team members, Unmind Manager equips leaders with the confidence and know-how needed to drive positive change.

  • Unmind Elevate: Crafted by workplace psychologists and wellbeing professionals, Unmind Elevate offers proactive and preventative tools that support your employees in achieving deeper sleep, reducing stress, and leading more fulfilling lives both at work and at home. Additionally, employees can invite a friend to use the app for free, promoting a supportive community.

  • Unmind Talk: Access a global network of accredited mental health practitioners through Unmind Talk. Your employees can book confidential sessions within minutes directly through the Unmind platform, ensuring timely access to professional support.

  • Unmind Help: Provide your employees with 24/7 helplines, critical incident support, and resources for financial and legal assistance.


The impact of Unmind’s evidence-based approach to wellbeing is tangible and impressive. Here are some key outcomes and results that showcase the effectiveness of the platform:

Individual: Supporting employees with the tools to improve their well-being and mental health at an individual level:

  • 71% of participants reported a reduction in stress levels
  • 62% of participants reported feeling less anxious

Interpersonal: Empower managers and enhance manager to employee and peer to peer communication. Managers who completed Unmind’s manager training reported:

  • 94% agreed their teams would benefit from what they learned
  • 84% reported improvement in their confidence and understanding

Organizational: Driving real change by empowering organizations to address the factors that impact employee wellbeing:

  • 16.5% reported a reduction in presenteeism
  • $9,072 cost savings per employee due to improved presenteeism


  • Evidence-based – Of the 5% of well-being platforms scientifically evaluated with a dedication to research & results.
  • Measurable – Measuring ROI and impact for people and businesses to connect wellbeing to business outcomes.
  • Holistic – Offering proactive tools, early intervention support, human-centered therapy, & EAP services.
  • Global – Committed to global consistency & relevancy. Unmind-run network in 5 continents and 50 languages


Unmind is a comprehensive mental health and wellbeing platform working with the world’s leading organizations to create mentally healthy, high performing work places. To prioritize your workforce’s mental health and well-being, take the next step and reach out to Unmind team today!

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