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Kashable Media

About Kashable

Kashable provides socially responsible, low-cost credit to employees of participating employers. The program is a financial wellness employee benefit that enables employees to apply online and take a loan instantly with an automatic repayment over time through payroll deductions. Our goal is to provide reliable and affordable financial security to empower employees to take charge of their health, wealth and wellness.

Value Proposition

Kashable improves the credit profile of the employee by incorporating employment data, at the employer and employee level, into the underwriting process in addition to their credit score. In addition, integrating repayment through payroll deduction changes the risk profile from pure credit risk to termination risk which rewards long-term employees. All of these elements enable Kashable to offer employees across the credit and wage spectrum access to a low-cost loan.

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Kashable Offerings

  • Financial Wellness Programs
    • Short-Term Loans

Kashable Materials

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    Kashable Success Story - Vera Bradley.pdf

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    Kashable Success Story - PLH Group.pdf

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