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Optisom Media

About Optisom

Optisom has created ProjectZ, a clinically based, accessible and engaging software solution to create better sleep habits in employee populations. Based on cognitive behavior therapy, a proven clinical technique, ProjectZ identifies poor sleep behaviors and provides a personalized improvement plan specific to each employee’s circumstance. The plan is delivered through an captivating, gamified, web-based software application to keep employees invested in improving their sleep health. ProjectZ creates enduring sleep health for the employee and a more vibrant, productive and creative workforce for the employer.

Value Proposition

Sleep health issues cost US companies billions of dollars annually. Most companies, however, are unaware of the impacts of poor sleep health to their bottom line. Loss of productivity through presenteeism and absenteeism ( billion), along with increased healthcare costs ( billion) and workplace accidents ( billion) are the most damaging consequences. Sleeping 5 hours or less a night increases the risk of having diabetes by 2.5 times and having a heart attack by 45%. There are also significant risk increases in psychiatric issues such as depression (10X) and panic disorders (20X). Just one accident due to fatigue and sleep deprivation can have global consequences or cost billions of dollars. Unfortunately, there are several high profile accidents that have been linked to operator fatigue such as the Chernobyl nuclear accident and Columbia space shuttle disaster. While these catastrophic disasters gain the headlines, sleep deprivation and fatigue causes countless, unpublicized accidents in workplace.

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