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  • 2.7/5 (9 reviews)

  • Founded 1997
  • Group Sizes 1000 to 10000000
  • Customers Served

About PDHI

PDHI is a national leader in developing white-labeled, highly configurable cloud-based solutions for health and wellness programs with over 15 years of experience.

Solutions are delivered using a SaaS model that allows rapid deployment and access to capacity based on need. The HITRUST-certified platform consists of a configurable wellness & benefits hub that integrates incentive management, health coaching, and biometric screenings applications.

The dashboard provides each participant with a personalized wellness program, benefits information, and the tools for a healthier lifestyle. We help every participant succeed by promoting the right tools at the right time based on the user’s health risks, wellness goals, benefits, and interests. The personal dashboard drives engagement by highlighting information and next steps. Participants can complete an HRA, enroll in an action plan, join a challenge, interact with coaches, and track incentives.

Client and third-party assets such as benefit providers, care management and EMR systems, event schedulers, and social media accounts can be integrated to provide a customized wellness portal.

Value Proposition

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PDHI Media

PDHI Offerings

  • Wellness Companies
  • Corporate Fitness Challenges
    • Corporate Challenge Program
    • Health Literacy Programs
    • Incentive Fulfillment Companies
    • Biometric Screening
    • Off Site Lab Testing Programs
    • Health Risk Assessment
    • Physician Forms

PDHI Materials

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