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Care Institute Validation in 2015 - Third party validation on accuracy of USHC capability to predict Disease

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US HealthCenter is a leader in the new generation Health Advancement Company. We deal with the entire health risk spectrum and identify high-risk-high-cost populations. That means we can identify and track four major risk categories: lifestyle, pre-disease, disease, and large case. Our Morbidity based model not only forecasts at-risk populations by the condition but we also tie the projected claim cost to each condition. This level of sophistication allows our clients to easily identify the most productive strategies to lower health risk p...

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Case Study-Impact of U S Health Center Wellness Plan on Medical Plan Costs.pdf

2019 Sample Coaching Report.pdf

Personal Health Report Sample.pdf

Blinded Aggregate Report Repeat Participants 2019-2021.pdf

Blinded wellness program guide.pdf

USHC 2020 Pop Health Validation.pdf

Validation Institute Certifies US HealthCenter with Care Navigation Validation.docx

Blinded wellness program guide.pdf

The PredictiMed HealthPlan 06-07-2021 for TPAs Brokers Hospitals.pptx

USHC 2022 Standard Proposal.pdf

USHC's PredictiMed Standard Overview 02.18.22 (1).pptx

Insights Success Article.pdf

CIO Look.pdf

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