Meet a Vendor

ACCOLADE – Meet A Vendor

ACCOLADE – Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Kristen Vener, Director of Strategic Alliances, and Jeff Waibel, Senior Manager of Provider Solutions at Accolade, for a product update and demo of the newest solution in Accolade’s portfolio that helps guide members to the right type of care – Accolade Total Care.


Accolade is fundamentally revolutionizing how the employees use their benefits and healthcare resources. Their mission is to empower people through expertise, empathy, and technology so they can make better decisions for their health and well-being.

Accolade delivers three main things:

  • A single point of entry for all benefits – medical, RX, EAP, dental, vision, to 401k, pet insurance, and other perks
  • Support for every member and their family by an Accolade Health Assistant and a registered nurse
  • Unmatched member experience – five-star app and live support with well-trained staff who takes an empathic and personalized approach when engaging members

There are three powerful solutions on their platform:

  • Total Benefits is their core solution designed to serve as a platform for member engagement so that anyone, regardless of needs, can be supported with advocacy and clinical guidance
  • Total Care adds on provider matching and it is focused on high cost avoidance
  • Total Health and Benefits that delivers true, integrated population health management solution

All of their solutions deliver at least 90%+ member sat, 25% engagement, and an annual ROI of 1:1 or greater.  All of them come with 25% PGs.


Accolade Total Care is a solution for self-insured employers that are happy with their medical carrier but want to give their employees and families a much better experience, live nurse support, and resources to find the best care.

Total Care’s value has two specific unique capabilities:

1. Intelligent provider matching

  • Right member – Intelligent Targeting and outreach from earliest signals of care
  • Right Decision – Targeted and personalized assessments to identify care gaps
  • Right Path – Appointment scheduling and member follow-up to the right provider at the right site of care to increase high-experience provider utilization

2. Expert medical opinion

  • Right member – 5 to 10 times greater expert medical opinion utilization
  • Right decision – Match to a specialist nurse, assess history, and gather medical records
  • Right Path – Expert opinion via interactive video within 3-5 days of the request, an intelligent provider matching, an ongoing benefits, and clinical navigation support


When compared to other advocacy providers, this is how Accolade stands out:

  • High touch advocacy that addresses care at every stage for everyone in the population
  • Building trust with their personalized approach to member services and influencing members to make the best decisions in their care path
  • New capabilities launched every quarter
  • Public, transparent, and vetted published results which guarantee outcomes, satisfaction, and savings

Accolade solutions are designed to support members throughout their whole journey. They serve all employees and families, not just folks with chronic conditions or HCCs. Accolade knows that helping people make better healthcare decisions as early as possible improves outcomes and reduces cost, so they continue to bring innovation to employers and help transform the US healthcare experience.

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