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Free Downloadable Attendance Tracker Templates

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It’s no secret that absenteeism can significantly impact productivity and dampen morale in the workplace.   

Time and attendance statistics show employee absenteeism costs companies $36.4 billion annually. Therefore, monitoring employee attendance and handling any concerns as soon as they manifest is essential.  

Employee attendance tracker templates are a valuable tool to monitor when employees arrive and leave, allowing you to identify patterns of absenteeism or tardiness.   

However, determining where to start or finding the best solution can take time and effort. This article lists various options and the most effective approach to tracking employee attendance.

How to Track Employee Attendance?

So, we must answer the question: how to track employee attendance 

Tracking employee attendance can be done manually or by using digital tools.  

Manual methods involve maintaining physical attendance registers or spreadsheets, where employees sign in and out or have their attendance recorded by a designated person. While cost-effective this method can be time-consuming and prone to human error. 

Alternatively, digital attendance tracking tools offer a more efficient and accurate approach. These tools often come in the form of attendance tracker templates, which can be easily downloaded and used for free.  

Undoubtedly, an employee attendance tracker is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. By leveraging technology, companies can automate attendance tracking processes, streamline data collection, and generate reports effortlessly. 

Benefits of Using Attendance Tracker Templates

You might be wondering why is attendance tracking crucial?  

Attendance tracking is necessary for effective workforce management, and utilizing attendance tracker templates offers numerous benefits. Here are the key advantages of using these templates:  

  • Timesaving: Eliminates manual data entry and calculations, saving time for employees and HR personnel. 
  • Accuracy: Minimizes errors, ensuring precise payroll calculations and reporting. 
  • Analysis & Insights: Enables analysis of attendance patterns, absenteeism rates, and identification of trends for improved productivity. 
  • Customization: Can be tailored to fit specific organizational needs and policies. 
  • Emergency Preparedness: Provides information on employee whereabouts for swift communication during emergencies. 
  • Employee Empowerment: Grants employees access to their absence records, promoting accountability and engagement. 
  • Remote & Flexible Work Support: Accurately tracks hours worked by remote employees. 

Types of Attendance Tracker Templates

Regarding employee attendance, various types of tracker templates are available that cater to different needs and preferences. These templates provide a structured format for recording attendance data, making monitoring and analyzing employee attendance patterns easier.  

Here are some common types of attendance tracker templates: 

  • Daily Attendance Tracker Templates: Track employee attendance on a daily basis, with columns for the date, employee names, and checkboxes to mark attendance status 
  • Weekly Attendance Tracker Templates: Provide a comprehensive overview of employee attendance for a specific week, including columns for dates and attendance status 
  • Monthly Attendance Tracker Templates: Offer a broader view of employee attendance for an entire month, with columns for dates and attendance status 
  • Shift-based Attendance Tracker Templates: Record attendance data for different shifts or time slots, ensuring proper coverage 
  • Vacation/Leave Tracker Templates: Keep track of employee leave or vacation days with columns for employee names, leave types, and dates 
  • Customizable Attendance Tracker Templates: Tailor the template to your needs by adding or removing columns and modifying data fields 

Time & Attendance Software

Browse and compare 1000’s of vetted vendors. 

Weekly Attendance Tracker Templates

1) Google Sheets

Google Sheets offers many templates for tracking attendance, including weekly ones.  

Google Sheets’ cloud-based functionality provides a significant advantage, allowing users to easily access and update their attendance tracker from any place with an internet connection.  

Furthermore, Google Sheets offers seamless collaboration tools, making it simple to share the attendance tracker with others and collaborate in real time. Google Sheets is free to use for personal and business purposes. The attendance tracker templates offered by Google Sheets are also free. 

2) Smartsheet

Smartsheet is an online collaboration and project management platform offering templates, including weekly attendance trackers. With Smartsheet, you can track attendance and leverage its powerful project management features.  

Smartsheet allows you to assign tasks, set deadlines, and create automated notifications, making it ideal for managing attendance in a team or project setting.  

Smartsheet is a paid platform that offers a free trial but requires a subscription for full access. 

3) is a website with a wide range of options available, including free and premium templates. This website provides templates in various formats, including Excel, Word, and PDF, allowing users to choose the one that suits their preferred software and budget.   

4) Vertex42

Vertex42 is a website that provides free templates, offering a collection of downloadable weekly attendance tracker templates. Simply visit the websites and search for “weekly attendance tracker” to explore the available options.  

Monthly Attendance Tracker Templates

1) JotForm

JotForm, an online form builder, offers templates for monthly attendance tracking. The advantage of using JotForm is its user-friendly interface and customizable form-building capabilities. Users can easily customize the attendance tracker template to include fields specific to their requirements.  

JotForm also provides form submission and data collection features, making it convenient for tracking attendance online. JotForm offers a free plan with limited features and a paid plan for full functionality. 

2) is a website that provides free Excel templates for various purposes, including monthly attendance trackers. The advantage of using is the specialization in Excel templates, ensuring high-quality and well-designed templates.

Excel is a widely used software for data analysis, and these templates can provide robust calculation capabilities and graphical representations of attendance. 

3) Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet is an online spreadsheet tool that provides monthly attendance monitoring templates. One of Zoho Sheet’s unique features is its integration with other Zoho products, such as Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects.  

This feature allows users to connect attendance data to other business processes, making it ideal for companies that need attendance tracking as part of their overall workflow. Zoho Sheet offers a free plan with limited features and paid plans for advanced functionalities. 

Customizable Attendance Tracker Templates

1) Microsoft Excel Templates

Microsoft Excel provides a range of customizable attendance tracker templates. The benefit of using Microsoft Excel templates is the familiarity and widespread usage in various industries.   

Excel provides robust data analysis and reporting capabilities for effective attendance tracking. These templates can be found on the Microsoft Office Templates website or directly in Excel by searching for “attendance tracker” or “customizable attendance tracker.” 

Although Excel itself is not free, users may have access to templates through a Microsoft 365 subscription or other licensed versions of Excel. 

2) Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is an online project management tool that offers customizable attendance tracker templates. The advantage of using Toggl Plan is its focus on project management features.  

In addition to attendance tracking, Toggl Plan allows users to manage tasks, assign resources, and set deadlines. This integration of attendance tracking with project management can provide a comprehensive solution for managing attendance in a project-based environment.  

Toggl Plan offers a free plan with limited features and paid plans for additional functionalities. 

3) Canva

Canva is a graphic design platform providing customizable templates, including attendance trackers. One advantage of using Canva is its emphasis on design and visual appeal.   

Canva offers various customization options, allowing you to create visually engaging attendance trackers. It is especially useful if a company wants to incorporate branding elements or create visually appealing reports based on attendance data. The attendance tracker templates in Canva may be available for both free and paid users. 

4) Notion

Notion is an all-in-one workspace that offers customizable templates, including attendance trackers. Notion allows users to create a customized attendance tracker within its flexible workspace, where it’s easy to integrate attendance tracking with other organizational processes.  

It also provides collaboration features, making it easy to share and collaborate on attendance tracking within teams or projects. Notion offers a free plan with basic features and paid plans for additional storage and advanced functionalities. 

How to Use Attendance Tracker Templates?

Using attendance tracker templates is straightforward.   

Once you have downloaded the template, you can customize it if necessary and input any relevant data. Ensure that employees know the attendance tracking process and any expectations related to punctuality and attendance records.   

Regularly update the template with accurate information and use it to generate attendance reports as needed. 

Best Practices for Effective Attendance Tracking

There are many ways to track employee attendance. Here are some tips to help you optimize your attendance tracking system: 

  1. Determine the best system: Evaluate different attendance tracking systems, ranging from simple spreadsheets to advanced attendance software programs. Choose the option that aligns with your business needs and objectives. 
  2. Provide training: Offer training sessions on effectively using attendance tracker templates. Address any queries or concerns to ensure accurate and consistent data entry across the organization. 
  3. Establish clear attendance policies: Create comprehensive guidelines outlining expectations for attendance, including protocols for reporting absences, tardiness, and leave. Communicate these policies to all employees, ensuring they understand the consequences of non-compliance. 
  4. Capture accurate data: Ensure your attendance tracking system captures precise information, such as clock-in and clock-out times. Accurate data enables better analysis and decision-making. 
  5. Regularly review attendance data: Analyze the collected data to identify patterns and trends. If you observe consistent lateness or absences among certain employees, take proactive measures to address the issue. Leverage the data to enhance scheduling and time-tracking processes. 

By implementing these best practices, you can enhance your attendance tracking process, improve employee accountability, and optimize overall workforce management. 

Confidentiality & Data Security

When tracking employee attendance, handling attendance data confidentially and ensuring data security is crucial. Limiting access to authorized personnel and using secure authentication methods reduces the risk of data misuse.  

In addition, storing attendance data securely through encryption and firewalls prevents unauthorized access.  

Another vital step to data security is training employees in data handling.  

Training sessions can cover topics such as recognizing phishing attempts, adhering to safe data handling practices, and promptly reporting suspicious activities or potential breaches. 

Moreover, companies need to establish a well-defined incident response plan that enables swift action in the event of security breaches. This plan should include promptly notifying the individuals impacted by the breach and implementing appropriate remedial measures.   

By adhering to these privacy practices, organizations can foster a secure atmosphere and inspire trust among their employees. 


In conclusion, utilizing attendance tracker templates is essential for businesses. These templates offer timesaving, accurate, and customizable solutions for tracking employee attendance.  

Written by Ivana Radevska | Senior Content Writer at Shortlister
Written by Ivana Radevska | Senior Content Writer at Shortlister