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HR & Identity Management: A Cluster of Endless Opportunities

Explore the significance of identity management in human resources and how businesses can benefit by integrating an effective identity management solution.
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With businesses swiftly adopting cutting-edge technology to boost their digital transformation, the role of identity management can’t be overlooked.  

Whether we talk about incorporating stringent security in authentication processes or providing a seamless user experience, identity management has always been the top priority for enterprises striving to win customer trust.  

However, the scope of identity management is more than just offering robust security and a rich experience to users; it gives endless possibilities to businesses to streamline their human resources management 

Amid the global pandemic, when remote working became the new normal, identity management played a significant role in streamlining HR-related processes to keep businesses up and running even in the most unpredictable times.  

Let’s dig deeper into this and understand the role of identity management in human resources management and how businesses can reap the benefits of incorporating an identity management solution.

Human Resource & Identity Management: The Perfect Symphony

Human resource management is one of the most centralized aspects of a business and ensuring its smooth functioning sometimes requires the right set of modern tools and technology.  

Identity and access management has a crucial role in ensuring seamless process management. At the same time, a business embarks on a growth journey since hiring and managing a massive bunch of employees becomes an uphill battle without adequate technological infrastructure.  

For instance, let’s understand the role of identity management during the outburst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Since one-to-one communication opportunities for new hiring, resignation processes, remote working, and many other HR activities weren’t functioning as they usually would, adequate workarounds were needed.  

That’s where the typical role of identity and access management came into play.  

Whether we talk about online interview scheduling or verifying candidates for interviews, identity management is crucial in ensuring a smooth transition from normal working to remote working.

Verifying Identity through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Since remote working became the new normal in the pandemic, the chances of imposters and unauthorized users accessing business networks surged exponentially.  

The increase in account takeovers and identity thefts was the weak line of defense since maintaining adequate account security and authentication was challenging for remote devices demanding access.  

With multi-factor authentication (MFA) implementation through an identity and access management platform, human resource managers and IT heads could verify and authenticate remote workers. 

At the same time, when they demand access to networks or resources, workers need to provide additional proof of identity apart from the regular employee ID and password for signing into the platform, which ensures maximum security.  

Businesses can leverage multi-factor authentication to offer access to critical resources, HR portals, and inter-organization networks to ensure smooth and secure access management.

Going Passwordless

Managing and remembering passwords isn’t a piece of cake, and the same could be even more challenging while working remotely and requiring access to several resources.  

Moreover, what’s even troubling is that most remote employees ask for password resets since they often forget their passwords. And this becomes overwhelming to manage, especially for HR executives and IT staff.  

Hence, going passwordless becomes a great option where users need not remember long passwords and can easily authenticate themselves and authorize in a couple of seconds.  

Passwordless authentication through magic links also seamlessly ensures robust security, decreasing identity theft risks.

Smooth Onboarding

COVID-19 not only interrupted employees’ work culture but also increased the workload of HRs as they have to manage to onboard, and that too from a remote location.

It sometimes becomes difficult for recruiters to provide a seamless onboarding experience to new joiners. However, with identity and access management, things become relatively easy.

New joiners can register and verify their identity on the portal without any hassle in a couple of minutes and can eventually access orientation videos and documents to help them in the smooth onboarding process.

Apart from this, HRs can also share credentials and one-time login information through an identity management platform that ensures no unauthorized person gets access to critical information.

On a Final Note 

Identity management has offered several advantages to businesses in the past decade and now has opened new opportunities for HRs and hiring professionals.  

With an advanced identity and access management platform, HRs can ensure smooth onboarding, hassle-free remote access, and manage resignations from a single portal.

Written by Rakesh soni | CEO and Co-founder of Login radius

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