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About Mindario

Mindario delivers mindfulness challenges, designed for for the modern worker.

With guided meditation at its core, Mindario moves beyond just meditation to also include a wider spectrum of mindfulness activities: journaling/reflection prompts, experience activities, relaxation soundscapes and more.

Our unique challenge capability allows companies to run mindfulness challenges as part of their organization’s wellness programming — a fresh alternative to the typical fitness step-counter activity. And it’s fun too — with light-hearted content that engages employees using pop culture and the latest trends.

Value Proposition

Mindario helps your employees reduce stress and be more mindful, including through these areas:

(1) Mindfulness challenges. Our mindfulness challenge capability provides a fresh alternative to traditional wellness challenges. Participants experience a new mindfulness content theme each week, receive weekly nudges, and see their progress using an in-app progress tracker. Administrators can view progress of the whole population through an opt-in reporting dashboard, and determine incentive eligibility.

(2) Mindfulness beyond meditation. With guided meditation at its core, Mindario moves beyond just that to include a variety of stress management activities: journaling, reflection prompts, stretching, experience activities and relaxation soundscapes.

(3) Flexible pricing and implementation. Mindario scales to fit the needs of each organization with flexible pricing and implementation. Organizations using per-challenge pricing benefit from a programmatic approach to mindfulness, while companies selecting an annual subscription gain on-demand access to mindful content.

(4) Designed for organizations. Mindario is designed for organizations and their participants, and includes features to help get going quickly —? participant communication materials, a customized onboarding page, administrator dashboards, user support and more.

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Mindario Offerings

  • Mindfulness at Work
    • Stress Management in the Workplace
    • Corporate Resilience Program
    • Corporate Fitness Challenges
    • Corporate Challenge Program

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