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MEDELA – Meet A Vendor

MEDELA – Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Dana Kirwin, Director of Employer Groups at Medela to share the latest data on the challenges working moms and parents are facing, and to provide you effective solutions that tie directly to employers’ needs.


Gender diversity has been proven to be good for businesses. Diverse groups make better decisions, and employee morale is higher in companies that support the advancement of both men and women. No mother should feel forced to choose between her career and how she feeds her baby. Employees should get the support they need to successfully balance their careers with breastfeeding and a growing family. Medela helps employers get an easy, measurable way to show their commitment to working moms—and competitive advantage by providing a supportive, family-friendly environment that attracts and retains employees.


Supporting breastfeeding in the workplace has significant benefits:

  • $17.2B would be saved annually in the U.S. if 90% of mothers breastfed for six months (the AAP recommendation).
  • 50% fewer 1-day absences for moms of breastfed babies vs. moms of formula-fed babies.
  • 94% retention rate of employees when lactation support programs are provided.


Parents shouldn’t have to choose between returning to work and continuing to provide breast milk to their baby. That’s why Medela, together with Mamava, created New Moms’ Healthy Returns—a customizable, single-source solution that is designed to make it easier for you to support employees when they return to work after baby.

The New Moms’ Healthy Return program includes:

  • Resources and Education – Employees get access to unmatched breastfeeding education, resources, and a community of digitally connected moms.
  • Equipment and Supplies – Hospital-grade Symphony multi-user breast pump and breastfeeding accessories to stock your lactation room.
  • 24/7 Virtual Support – Unlimited access to a network of maternal and pediatric experts for questions large or small.
  • Mamava Lactation Spaces – A plug-in-and-play space to pump breast milk at work and a compliance solution for facilities and HR.
  • Breast Milk Shipping – shipping option that works best for getting milk back home to baby.


The next steps you should take to support working moms are the following:

  • Evaluate the current workplace and benefits
  • Write a Lactation Accommodation Policy
  • Contact Medela for expert insights and tools

The COVID-19 pandemic amplified an existing problem: the career paths of new parents, especially women, are often negatively impacted by the everyday responsibilities of caring for a baby.

Women’s presence in leadership roles is lacking, and employers need solutions to help level the playing field and strengthen their pipeline of female talent. Medela’s employer program – New Moms’ Healthy Returns – provides effective, easy-to-implement strategies and benefits that help companies attract, retain, and support a more diverse talent community.

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