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7 Important Recruitment Tips for Hiring Post-Pandemic

Prepare for a transformed hiring landscape in the post-pandemic world with tips that embrace innovative tactics to secure tomorrow's top talent.
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Hiring in the post-pandemic world isn’t going to be the same as social distancing and working from home have become the new norms. Moreover, organizations need candidates with new sets of skills, leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, and work flexibility. Recruiters need to adopt new methods of recruitment to make sure that they hire the top talent.

If you’re looking to recruit for your organization, read on for recruitment tips post-COVID-19.

Focus on Remote Hiring

People looking for jobs post-pandemic may consider old postings, even a month old, irrelevant. So, first of all, let your potential candidates know that you’re hiring. Additionally, refresh your job postings because new postings will significantly gain more traction. Also, if you’re going to continue your work-from-home policy after the pandemic, make sure to include that in your posting so that you attract the right candidates.

Leverage All Channels

You will need to get creative with your recruitment techniques and take advantage of untapped areas. For example, leverage social media channels to attract candidates because people are spending more time at home than ever, which has increased their interaction with social media. This also means your company may need an updated social media policy. You can also consider body shopping. It is one of the most popular methods of recruitment in which consultancy firms recruit skilled talent and contract their services on a mid-term or short-term basis.

Recruitment tips

Leverage Virtual Technology

Because of the fear of the spread of the pandemic, traditional recruitment may have you lose out on some really talented candidates. Therefore, you must switch to virtual recruitment, which mainly consists of video interviewing with video interview software.

While tools such as Hangouts, Skype, or Zoom are convenient, they may not be the best solutions for interviewing purposes. Therefore, consider using dedicated HR technology, for example, tools such as Outmatch and myInterview. Candidate experience is important, and these or similar tools will help you conduct quality interviews.

Hire for Flexible Roles

Because of COVID-19, business requirements have changed too. Therefore, you may need to hire employees who can fulfill the changing requirements of the business. For example, you may need to hire for roles that can be done from home as well as in the office. You can also consider hiring on a contractual basis to respond to immediate business requirements that may not be there after some time. Just ensure that you make your recruitment goals clear to the candidate and focus on data-driven recruitment for better results and improve your recruitment performance.

Recruitment techniques like these will help your organization save on money since you will be paying employees only for the work required from them at the moment.

Recruitment tips

Utilize Your Existing Candidate Pool

This may be the best time to dig into the applications that you have already received in the past; i.e., before the pandemic. Here’s why:

  • You will not need to create and run new active recruitment campaigns.
  • You may be able to approach passive candidates who are looking to exit their current organization because of the crisis.
  • You will get a significant amount of time to hire the right candidate who can work with you during the crisis and adapt to the new environment when the business resumes its usual activities.

Review Your Applicant Tracking System

The right applicant tracking system should respond to the shift in the market. It should also be scalable to the business needs without causing any disruption. So, run your ATS, such as the Jobsoid ATS, through a real-world test and see if it can fulfill the demand if the organization expands. Make sure that the ATS is able to track everything, including sourcing candidates as well as onboarding new hires, even at scale. This is important for the industries that are growing during this pandemic, such as healthcare, online training, digital marketing, etc.

Create a Good Virtual Onboarding Plan

You do not just have to hire employees, you have to make successful hires. Therefore, the efforts must continue even after a candidate is hired. And since you may require your new employee to work from home for some time, just sharing a digital copy of the organization’s handbook will not be enough. You will have to:

  • Give new hires access to employee training, exercises, and enough time to absorb the information.
  • Clearly convey company culture during onboarding.

Onboarding software can help aid and streamline employee onboarding for all your new hires.

Written by Kelly Barcelos

Progressive Digital Marketing Manager for Jobsoid

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